Saturday, May 19, 2007

Choo choo

We took the kids to the Houston Area Live Steamers park for free train rides today, they just loved it. They have model steam engines and electric trains large enough to ride on. They are really small and you straddle the seats. Caden is just enamoured with trains lately so it was perfect for him. While we were riding on one, he asked me where Thomas the train cute!
As soon as we finished the ride he immediately wanted to go again. How can you say no to someone so cute. So we waited in line and rode them one more time. They have little model houses to look at on the way and Peyton announced we were coming up to a bridge each time we crossed one.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pre-kindergarten graduation

Spencer had his last day of preschool today and he starts kindergarten in the fall. They had a little recital at his preschool on Tuesday evening and they got up on stage and sang a song, he was so cute. (he is the one on the far left) Then the ones that were going to kindergarten next year walked across the stage and received their little diplomas while wearing caps. It was just adorable.
Spencer with teacher Miss. Becky

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The plague

Ok, I know I have not updated in a long time.....I have had the plague!! It all started a few weeks ago when Spencer got the flu and then everyone else got it too despite the flu shots. Poor Spencer had it the worst though. Then just when I thought I was recovering I got tonsillitis, double ear infections and the worse case of pink eye ever. My left eye was almost swollen shut. I'll spare you the gooey pictures. lol Bob had to take most of last week off to look after the kids. I haven't been that sick in 10 or 12 years (the last time I had tonisilitis) Well its been over a week and a half and I am on my second round of antibiotics, but I finally think I will live.
The night before the plague hit Bob and I went out alone again. The kids went to Saturday Night Live and enjoyed it. Bob and I went out for dinner and shooting at an indoor gun range. I haven't done that in years and even then only once or twice in my whole life. Gotta love Texas. ha

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I had already made 15 trips upstairs to yell and tell the little ones to lay down and go to sleep for their nap. It was quiet so I figured it would be safe to check my e-mail..........NOT.Peyton snuck out of bed very quietly and got into my lipstick. Not only lipstick, but a tube of that green lip stain. Ok, I know what everyone is thinking......why do I still have that. My friend Elizabeth had to point that out and say "the 80's called and they want their lipstick back." lol Such a good friend huh? Well not only did she apply it liberally to her whole mouth, but also to my carpet and a pair of Bob's shorts. I had already washed her face before I took this picture. Do you think it will wear off by the time she starts Kindergarten??
Then the little angel promptly fell asleep on the couch. Making messes is exhausting!!!