Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Walley world is closed!!

We left Sunday morning to go to San Antonio for Seaworld. It was kind of cool, but lets face it, we live in Texas...........how cold could it be? I dressed us all in shorts and tank tops and took our bathing suits for the water rides. The high was 63 degrees with gale force north winds. We were freezing to say the least. We were all fighting over Peyton's cinderella towel. We finally gave up and decided to leave around supper time and just come back in the morning. We got up and checked out of our hotel and the clerk asked us where we were going. We told her Seaworld and she announced that it was closed!!!! Walley World was actually CLOSED. It felt like the scene from National Lampoon's Vacation.
It is only opened on weekends right now. I could not believe it!! The kids actually took the news very well. We decided to go to the Alamo and show them the River walk. Then we went to a really cool park and had a picnic and played until it was time to come home. Not quite the excitement of Seaworld, but they enjoyed it anyway.
Spencer was begging to go on the "steel eel" roller coaster at Seaworld the last time we were there and I just couldn't put my baby on it. I finally gave it and thought he would be scared to death and not ask again when he got off. He LOVED it. The first two hills were scary he said, but then he put his little arms up for the rest of the ride like a pro. I can't even put my arms up. As soon as it stopped he asked if he could go again. What a brave little man. I don't have any pictures of him as I would have dropped my camera on the ride.

Monday, April 21, 2008


We took the kids to "kidzfest" yesterday. It was awesome and FREE. The kids did TONS of crafts, went into about 5 or 6 different bouncy houses, got their faces painted, rode on a train and a bunch of other things I can't think of off the top of my head. We had planned on going for a couple of hours and spent 6 hours there.
They had a woman there with some snakes and we thought we would just stop and look. Spencer and Peyton held a snake for a few minutes, Caden just touched and refused to hold them. Sydney held all the snakes. We were there for about an hour and she had a snake in her hands the entire time. I had never touched a snake before and they were actually VERY cool. I want one now, just can't get over feeding them mice. I had to MAKE Bob hold one - and he did, just long enough for a quick picture. I wonder where Caden gets it from.
A few older boys came up to Sydney while she was holding one and wanted to touch it. When it moved they jumped back and Sydney looked and them and said "You're silly! He won't bite, he's nice!" It was just too cute. She is definitley her Mama's child when it comes to animals. The kids are just exhausted after such a busy weekend. I am sure Bob wishes I was working weekends again so he could have a rest.

Click here to watch a photoshow of our fun day

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Soccer parties

Today was the day for the end of season soccer parties. I took the little ones to their party after their game while Bob stayed with Spencer for his game. We met at Spencer's party in another park. They all got trophies which thrilled them to no end. Then we took them all to Chuck E Cheese for their own little party. We had pizza and played a ton of games.
We came home and took a short break and then it was off to the YMCA for Saturday Night Live.

They stay from 6pm to 11pm and Bob and I get to go out all ALONE!!! I'm not sure who has more fun.......them or us. lol Of course they are exhausted when we pick them up. Poor little Caden fell and had a huge goose egg on his forehead.

We went to the Texas Crawfish Festival and had a feast. Actually some of the crawfish was so salty we could not finish it. We met Bob's brother and his family there and hung out. I am really glad I did not take the kids because there was a big fight near us and someone got stabbed with a pair of scissors. You have to love people who get drunk and act like idiots. They can't seem to talk without a string of expletives either when they drink. lol

Thursday, April 17, 2008

She got it

Peyton finally decided she was going to ride a regular bike AND pedal it herself. I have tried to teach her in the past and she was just not interested in the least. Today she asked for the bike and just got on it and rode it all over the place. I knew she could do it if she tried, but I guess she was just waiting until the day SHE wanted to do it. She is a pro at it just like Caden. Now I need to get Sydney interested enough to try it out. lol

Monday, April 14, 2008

Little acrobats

I was trying to clean up after breakfast and ran when I heard the hysterical laughing coming from the stairs.
The little ones had gone upstairs and taken some blankets and pillows and piled them up on the landing of the stairs and then proceded to jump on them from about 5 or 6 steps above.
Of course I had to take some pictures before I made them stop. I love how they think and the ideas they come up with. You just have to love kids' imaginations!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Boo boo

I have a boo boo this time. I have had a sore back for over three weeks now, but since I am the woman I am not allowed to be incapacited for any amount of time or the house falls apart. My solution to this is to take large quantities of ibuprophen and pretend that it doesn't hurt......has worked very well for me in the past .
I even took a bunch to mask the pain so I could go and play tennis with my children, something any good mother would do right????
Well Sunday I got up and literally could not walk accross the floor on my own. I have a very high pain threshold and thought that it was ridiculous. I just told myself to stop being a wimp and walk like a normal person. Well, everytime I tried a muscle spasms from hell attacked me and put me in my place. I am now on muscle relaxants and steroids and can at least walk around like a semi-normal person again. I think I have learned my lesson and will take better care of myself. Of course I say this whenever my back gets sore. When its better I will exercise and make sure it doesn't happen again. Once it doesn't hurt I amazingly forget all about the exercises until it hurts again. Its never been this bad so I should remember this time. I am also told by my Dr. that I need to see a chiropractor, figure that it can't hurt to try it out. My back has been sore more than not lately.
As for my poor house, it indeed HAS fallen apart and its really hard for the control freak part of me not to run around and clean and pick things up. I know that will only make it worse. I am just now able to sit at my computer chair and type. I have had some serious withdrawal in that department too.
Caden has been really sweet and keeps trying to take my hand VERY gently and help me walk, he is such a nice boy. Spencer hasn't even noticed. The girls will ocassionally rub or kiss my head as they are walking by. They are taking advantage of the fact that Mommy can't get up and make them stop fighting or stop doing what ever annoying thing they are doing at that particular moment.
Bob is blaming my job for my back, I have been insisting that its the years of picking his dirty underwear off the floor that has done me in. I don't think he's buying it though.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Yes those are pictures of my kids in our pool. Its been very nice here, but not quite nice enough to warm the pool. It was only 67 degrees and they had a ball and kept telling me it was not cold.

I somehow could not be convinced to get in to try it out. I have had a sore back and the thought of having to jump in the frigid water to save them just made it worse.
They stayed in for about an hour and I had to MAKE Caden get out. He kept telling me that the water was warm.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Morning with Mom

Today I got to go to "morning with Mom" at Spencer's elementary school. The little ones came with us and we had donuts, juice and milk. Spencer really enjoyed having us there and gave us a tour of the school. We saw where he takes PE, music and art. Then we went to the library for the book fair and he got a book.