Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Spencer had a halloween party at school, but they didn't dress up in costume. He said it was fun and came home with all kinds of goodies.
The little ones their halloween party at daycare too. They dressed up and trick or treated at all the offices and then had a party in their room. They came home with LOTS of candy and said they had a ball.

We had Los Cucos for supper and then got ready for trick or treating.
Sydney should have dressed up as a mental patient as she couldn't make up her mind what she wanted to be. She wanted to be a witch, then a lion, then she ended up being a skeleton for her school party.

She changed her mind when she came home and wanted to be a witch again. I could not find the witch costume anywhere so she ended up being a lady bug. It actually was very cute. Peyton was a "princess skeleton", Caden was a ghost and Spencer was a vampire.

Caden would not let me paint his face white and the hood would not stay out his eyes. He did let me put baby powder in his hair though. Spencer could not wear his glow in the dark teeth trick or treating as they made him drool, it was hilarious!
After I was done getting everyone ready I felt kind of left out so I decided to paint my face like a pumpkin. The kids thought that was really cool. Bob's costume was the best though..........he dressed up like a big GRUMP!!! He didn't want to dress up or paint his face.
One house in our neighborhood that always goes way out with decorations even had the bottom floor of their house turned in to a haunted house. The kids made us go through it twice, it was awesome.

We were out trick okr treating for about 2 and 1/2 hours and got so much candy we could hardly carry it home. Caden asked me before bed if we could go trick or treating again tomorrow night.
Trying to get the make up off our faces was a challenge too. Peyton was whining that it was burning her eyes and I kept telling her to quit
whining and then I found out it really did burn when I tried to wash if off my face. Let me tell you it goes on a lot faster than it comes off.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin goobies

We carved our pumpkins tonight. The kids were a little better about touching the "goobies" this year, but still grossed out by them. Spencer was a trooper and reached right in and grabbed some. lol
The little ones kept running and washing their hands when any pumpkin guts touched them. I have no idea how any actually got on them anyway as they were using really long spoons to scoop the seeds out.
They drew their own faces on them and we cut them out, they turned out really good.
We made some halloween sugar cookies and let them decorate them. It was a school night so we were rushed to try to get them to bed.
They are so excited about Halloween. They have been asking me all month if they could go out yet and get candy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Air show

We took the kids to the air show today to see the Thunderbirds. They thought the planes were pretty cool, but to be honest, were not that impressed with the airshows. They liked the reenactments of the wars because they blew things up.
It was nice to see, but I don't think I would go again either.
We got to go inside the "hurricane hunter" which was neat. The kids all wanted to go on a plane ride though. lol

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Zoo Boo

We took the kids to the zoo today for their annual "zoo boo". We met our good friend Jan and her neice Caroline who is the sweetest girl ever.

It was PACKED, but we had a good time anyway. They got to paint little pumpkins and see all the animals.

This evening we went with James and Queta to a neighborhood halloween party. They had a really cool haunted house set up in one of the backyards.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Donuts with Dad

Bob took Spencer to school this morning for their annual "Donuts with Dad" breakfast. He even took Spencer's little friend Sam from accross the street as his Dad was working. Spencer loves when someone comes to his school and visits!

Monday, October 20, 2008


We took the kids to Seaworld this weekend and had a ball. They had it all decorated for Halloween and even had their Halloween "mascot" Jack O Lantern there hosting all kinds of activities. We went through the haunted forest with the kids. We did the daytime one that was kid friendly. Then they decided they wanted to do it again only this time it was NOT kid friendly. It wasn't dark yet so I agreed. We waited in line so long (about 45 minutes) the sun was starting to go down. There were werewolves (or foxes as Sydney called them) and zombies roaming the crowds around us while we waited in line so we were entertained.
The kids were way more scared the second time around and the guy with the chainsaw made Peyton cry as we were leaving. A few zombies jumped out and saw the kids and stepped back. I mouthed thank you to them and they nodded, it was hilarious. Shamu's show was good too, the trainers were dressed in their black body suits to look like skeletons. The whales jumped more than in any other show too.
Sunday we got there early and fed the dolphins. The kids all got a chance and even got to pet them. We all REALLY enjoyed that part.
The kids got to go on all kinds of rides and had to stop and look at all the decorations and comment on them all and pose with the skeletons. We had to leave early so we could get home as Spencer had school today.
It was a wonderful weekend!!!

If you want to see the photoshow full screen just click here and it will redirect you to my photoshow site.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

National Children's Day

Now that Spencer is a very good reader you can't get anything past him. He reads EVERYTHING!!!
He was looking at the calendar yesterday and noticed that today was "National Children's Day". I asked him what he thought that meant and he replied that is was a day to celebrate with your kids and do something fun. I then asked him what he would suggest we do and he immediately came up with Incredible Pizza. Seeing as the other children in our home agreed it was a fun thing to do, how could we refuse?
We started the day off with a walk by our neighbourhood. They just finished making a big overflow drainage bayou and we wanted to see what else was down there.

Well it was a kids dream.........a bunch of huge hills of dried mud that were hard and you could walk on them. They climbed and explored. The dog got stuck in the mud briefly and Sydney stepped in some thick mud and lost her shoe for a minute too. That made her really happy :(

They would climb to the top and sing "I'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal." I don't know where they got that from as I certainly didn't climb up first and sing it to them. lol

They had a blast at Incredible Pizza and Spencer must have eaten 12 pieces of pizza.
We had to stop and eat three times and were only there for about 4 or 5 hours. They really enjoyed the games as usual too. Poor Caden was exhausted and fell asleep laying in his chair with his head on my knee.
I don't know how we will top this one next year.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

e i e i o

We took the kids to Old MacDonald's farm with my mother's of multiples group today. We always have a blast when we go there. It was great so see some of the other Mom's too.
As you can see my sore back does not affect my finger and I am able to still take a million pictures. It also has not slowed us down a lot. I just hate to stay home and the kids LOVE going places.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Ok, I promise I am going to keep up with the blog better, I am so behind!!!
I do have an excuse back hurts. I finally went in for an MRI today and found out what I didn't want to know. I have a bulging disk and need to get used to having a sore back.
I felt sorry for myself and had my pity party and now I am better.
The kids always ask if I can pick them up and I feel so bad that I can't. I am determined to do something to make it better at least. I am going to try some physical therapy and hopefully that will allow me to sit on the floor with them and maybe even go for a bike ride.
The computer chair really makes it sore so that is my reason for not posting more often.
It actually feels better than is has in a long time so hopefully I can catch up.
You know I have to include pictures so here are a couple mri pictures. (I got my results on cd before I left)
Its my lower back (L5-S1).
You can see its compressing one of my spinal nerves causing sciatic pain which goes in your butt and down your leg. I always knew I was a pain in the butt.