Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas decorations

We have our decorations up now. The kids just LOVE them. Caden's favorite is the singing wreath that he just keeps activating over and over again!!!
I was just thrilled to see their little faces and how excited they were!!
They still stand at the tree saying "look at this Mommy" and pointing out ornaments.
Spencer was thrilled to be the "big boy" and help Mommy put the ornaments on the tree.
I had to take our stockings down though as I had another blog entry flash before my eyes as Peyton grabbed one and tugged on it. I could see her pulling the cast iron holder down on her or someone else's head. I will just wait and put them up on Christmas Eve.
Now I just need to get Bob to put the lights up outside.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Sydney's cut

Poor little Sydney has a big infection in her cut now. I should have thought of getting her some antibiotics when she got the cut from Peyton's teeth. I was too worried about Peyton's swollen face though and thought that Sydney was fine. Well now Peyton seems to be on the mend except for some bruising and residual swelling.
Sydney's face got really swollen yesterday and is now oozing "gooey stuff" as she calls it. Her face is so swollen she looks pathetic, she may even get black eyes from the swelling, really bad between her eyes.
The cut is opening up a little bit from the swelling, but hopefully not much more!!!
I called the Dr. and we have her on antibiotics now and I am just praying it does not worsen or turn into cellulitis!!!
She hates to have me clean it and tells me "you all done mommy, it hurts!" She doesn't mind the warm compresses though.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great turkey day!!
We went to Bob's brothers for lunch and spent the day. The kids really enjoyed it as there were other kids to play with. Lunch was great and we were stuffed.
I am so thankful for my wonderful family!!!! (Accident prone as they may be!!!!)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Huge boo boo

Poor little Peyton seems to have gotten the worse part of the injuries from last night's fiasco. I thought it was Sydney who had it bad.
Peyton's lip is HUGE and black inside. I called the Dr. and the dentist this morning and they tell me there is nothing they can do even if her teeth fall out, since its so swollen we need to wait. I certainly hope her teeth don't fall out!!! They are not loose or anything so I am hoping. The dentist did tell me they may turn grey from the injury, that just breaks my heart. I feel so bad for her. She can hardly eat and is VERY pathetic when she tries to smile.
The inside of her lip, gums and roof of her mouth are black bruised and very sore looking.
No one slept last night either. Peyton got up about an hour after going to bed because her mouth hurt. I tried to feed her a popscicle, but she didn't want it. It was already swelling, the bruising didn't show up until today though.
Sydney then decided to get up and complain about her head, which was fine!! Then Caden sensing he was alone in his room got up too. I got NO sleep then and Sydney peed in my bed too!! sigh :(
We are giving both girls motrin today. I just hope that makes some of Peyton's swelling go down.
I am trying to feed Peyton soft food as it hurts too much for her to eat anything else. I would do anything to take this from her!!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The kids are at it again!!!
Peyton and Sydney smashed into each other tonight and are wounded once again. I was just finishing with baths and was drying Caden off. I hear screams coming from the bedroom and the girls are sitting on the floor yelling, obviously just ran into each other while running. I go to kiss Sydney to tell her she is ok and my face is wet? I look and she is COVERED in blood and its running down her face. I look at Peyton and she is covered in blood too. I run to the bathroom and get a washcloth for Sydney to hold on her face and grab Peyton and am splashing water on her hands and face to see if she is bleeding too. She isn't, its Sydney's blood that is still pouring out of her forehead. I tell Spencer to run downstairs and get Daddy and tell him to come upstairs right now. He comes back moments later with diaper wipes. See previous post about Bob and you will understand why he didn't come. He was in a drugged stupor on the couch. lol
Poor little Peyton had to fend for herself while I stopped the bleeding on Sydney's forehead. No one has diapers on yet either!!!
I bring them downstairs and lay Peyton on Daddy as she is still upset. I now get a chance to look at Sydney's forehead and really assess what is going on. She has a huge gash on her forehead (made by Peyton's teeth). I decide to steri-stip it closed myself instead of visiting the ER. The Dr. told me when we were there with Peyton that the steri-strips I had put on her would be fine. I made him glue it anyway since we were there. He told me no need to come back if it happened again and I was comfortable doing it myself. (who knew it would be so soon.) When I was done putting the steri-strips on Sydney she looked at me and said "I beautiful now Mommy!!" How cute is that?
I drugged them both with tylenol and put them to bed.

Peyton's fat lip


Bobby had his tooth pulled today at the oral surgeon's office. He had versed so doesn't remember much of it. The Dr. said the tooth just shattered so it took awhile to get all the pieces out and that you could see into his sinus when he was done.
He hadn't eaten since the day before and we got home around 4:30 and he took two vicodin. Needless to say it knocked him on his butt. He couldn't even stand and was dizzy.
Now that I am controlling his medicine he is much better. I gave him 4 motrin last night and he even ate some crackers.
Hopefully he will be recovered very soon.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lighting of the doves

Our good friends Sharyon and John invited us to the "Lighting of the doves" ceremony tonight. Its a local light display that opens for the holidays. We took the kids and met them there. It was really nice having some extra hands to help us too......thanks guys.
We got to see Frosty the snowman and get a picture, Peyton was terrified of him though and wouldn't go anywhere near him.
Then we saw Santa and he read us "Twas the night before Christmas". Could he have found a longer story...........we each had a kid perched on our shoulders so they could see him. lol It was so cute to see their little faces when Santa came out.
They got to see fireworks as well after the story and they all wanted more.
There was even a big snow hill for the kids to slide down. The line up was about a 1 hr wait.......only in Texas. ha ha ha

Monday, November 13, 2006

Craft class at the library

I took all the kids to the library today for craft time. They were all REALLY good and well behaved. I had visions of being thrown out of the library for being noisy. lol
We met a friend and her two children there as well. (Spencer's friend Tanner from pre-school) They did turkey shrinky dinks and thought it was very cool.

It was so funny to hear the little ones chanting "shrinky dinks". We put magnets on them and hung them on the fridge. That didn't last long as they want to play with them.

top: Spencer's and Peyton's bottom: Sydney's and Caden's

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fall festival

We took the kids to a fall festival today and they really enjoyed it. They played golf, basketball and a bunch of games like bean bag toss and fish pond.
We took them on a little train ride too. Peyton's favorite part was the snow cone.