Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Halloween was great!!!!

Spencer went to his mother's day out program dressed as a fireman as he couldn't go as a scary ghost. They had a party and then a parade the kids marched in.
We carved pumpkins earlier in the day and decorated some little ones. Spencer did NOT like touching the "pumpkin goobies" as he calls them. The kids really enjoyed making them and then looking at them when they were all done and lit up.
After supper we all got dressed to go out trick or treating. The kids were monsters, Spencer a ghost, Peyton a witch, Sydney the bride of Frankenstein and Caden a skeleton. I figured that Bob and I should get into the action too, so we dressed up as the "mummy" and "daddy". Peyton kept asking if we had a boo boo while we were wrapping ourselves up. ha ha ha Even the birds dressed up...........as giant mosquitos. lol
We went trick or treating for about and hour and a half. The kids were just exhausted when we got home. Not too tired to partake of some of their goodies though. They were too cute lugging their overfull buckets of candy around. They all were so good about saying "trick or treat" and then "thank you", I was so proud of them. Caden of course ran for the doors first so he could ring the doorbell a hundred times until they answered, I was mortified. Peyton was a little timid at first and didn't want to get too close to the people who answered the door. Once she realized they had candy she got over it pretty quick. Sydney would get her candy and then tell everyone to "run" to the next house. Spencer was on the move and hard to keep up with, he couldn't believe that it was finally halloween.

Please click here to enjoy a photoshow of all the fun.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Fun with Nana

Sharyon came over for a visit today and we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for lunch,they had a blast. There was hardly anyone there as it was during the week. They ran and played tons of games and went on even more rides. We will have to do that again.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Old MacDonald had a farm

This afternoon we went to Old MacDonald's farm and met some people from our local multiples group there. We just LOVE that place, there is so much to do!! I think the kids favorite part was the pony rides. They must have gone on about 15 rides each and still wanted more!!!!!
You can feed and pet the animals, there is play equiptment and the boys favorite.......a giant sand hill.
They had a hay fight and I am still trying to get it out of their hair. They even got to bring home a little pumpkin each.

Pumpkin patch

We took the kids to a pumpkin patch this morning. All they wanted to do was throw them...sigh!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween fun

We took the kids to Kemah today. They were having halloween fun on the boardwalk. It was a little warm for costumes so we just went dressed casual. They had a ball. It was the first time we have taken them someplace like that without the stroller. They did really good. We took them on a train ride that they loved. Then we decided to go on the ferris wheel. Its a big one that seats 4 people per car. Somehow I ended up with the girls and Spencer. Our car was swinging like crazy and I had to keep telling them to SIT DOWN. I am just a little afraid of heights. ha ha ha
They just love going places and seeing new things.
We came home and got ready for bed and everyone jumped into Spencer's bed to read a bedtime story..........our new ritual. We read some halloween stories that they really enjoyed.

Friday, October 27, 2006


I went out this afternoon to discover a snapping turtle in our pool. It rained a ton yesterday and they streets were flooded, so he must have been out wandering around. I am sure when he found our pool he thought it was a great "lake". That is until he discovered he could not get out.
The dog wanted to play with him so bad.
Spencer named him Ellis. It took some work to get him into a bucket so we could take him to a pond that we go to when we feed the ducks. We had him in the bucket and came in and put the kids in the car and when we came back outside he had tipped the bucket and was at the bottom of the deep end again. He tried to escape in the car too!!
He's safe and sound now - lets just hope he doesn't grow too big and eat the ducks at the pond. ha

Thursday, October 26, 2006

And this little piggy....

I was painting my toenails last night.........black for halloween. The girls noticed and insisted on having theirs done too. Then the boys wanted in on the action. We all have black toes and Spencer chose orange.
We couldn't convince Bob to let me paint his too - maybe next year. ha ha ha

Monday, October 23, 2006

Zoo Boo

We took the kids to the "Zoo Boo" yesterday. It took us an HOUR to find parking and the zoo was packed!!!! We all love the zoo, but think we will pass on the boo part next year. They had tons of carved pumkins to look at and the kids really enjoyed that. We saw the new baby elephant - very cute!!!!
They did a craft and made a little face mask that covered their eyes and put glue and glitter on it. Remind me NOT to do that craft at home............what a mess!!!!


Monday, October 16, 2006

Bad Daddy

While I was working yesterday Spencer was playing with a ball and throwing it around the house. Bob told him he had to stop before he broke something. Spencer stopped and asked if he could draw a picture for Mommy. He drew a beautiful picture of himself playing with the ball and he had a huge smile in the picture.
Then he turned the paper over and drew another picture.............he had a huge frown and drew his arm pointing at Daddy because he was mad at him.
Then he went over and showed the pictures to Daddy and told him what they meant.I had to laugh out loud when I saw them!!!!

Daddy is lucky that I didn't draw any pictures yesterday. lol
I was leaving work around 8:30 after a really busy day and got in the jeep and it wouldn't start? This is the same jeep that we JUST put a new transmission in. Bob had the cell phone so I had to go back in the hospital. I want to add here that its pouring rain and on my way trudging through the puddles with no umbrella the sole of my shoe peels off the front so now my foot is soaked!!!
I get inside and he won't answer the phone........one of the kids has played with it and its off the hook. I try to call the cell phone and he has turned it off. His pager is upstairs too!!!!!!!
I go back up to the unit to hang out until I can get him on the phone. I decide to get security to see if they can boost the car, but unfortunately that doesn't work. When I went out to meet security I told my co-workers that if Bob ever noticed that I wasn't home and called to tell him I wanted a divorce and he was going to get the jeep in the settlement. ha
I finally got him and he packed all the kids up and came and got me. I didn't get home until 10pm. The poor kids were exhausted the next day too.
Good news though, after all that - it WAS the battery and the jeep is fine now.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Paw Paw

Bob's Dad came down to visit from Oklahoma for a few days. Peyton decided his name was "Paw Paw" and not Grandpa. I am sure it confused them as they met my Dad this summer and he was Grandpa. It will certainly make it easier for us to know who they are talking about now. lol
We really enjoyed our visit and the kids were all over him.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bike riding

We took the kids out for a bike ride tonight. It was nice now that the weather is cooling off a little bit.
We have bike trailers that go behind our bikes that carry two kids each. I guess thats means that we can't
have anymore kids . ha ha ha
They had a ball and all you could hear was giggles coming from behind you. They of course did not want to stop. My legs were just numb and they kept yelling "go again."
Definitley will have to do this again.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Best friends

Spencer had a friend over to play for the first time today. Tanner and Spencer are in preschool together for the second year in a row. They hit it off right away and always play together and really like each other.

They went swimming for a while, played with mega blocks and then watched "Chicken Little" while they played with a geotrax train set.

Tanner is a really sweet boy and they get along great!!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm a big kid now!!!

Spencer is officially a big kid now. He has moved out of his toddler bed and into a regular bed. Thanks Trey for the bed!!!!
We brought it in from the car after he was in bed last night and I was like a child.......I went in to see if he was still awake and wanted to see it. Of course he did - and then he wanted to sleep in it. He was too cute and excited to say no to. He looked at it and said "wow.....cool!!!!"
We set it up and he was thrilled. He was especially excited as now Mommy can lay in bed with him and read his bedtime stories.
Made me want to cry that he is not my baby anymore!!!!!
He slept in it upside down though even though I put him in properly. He has always slept in his crib and toddler bed with his head at the bottom. Too funny!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Playtime with Daddy

Bob loves to horse around and rough house with the kids. I am not sure who actually enjoys it more.....him or them?
He was giving all of them horsey rides at the same time and they were loving it. Peyton soon decided she didn't like how crowded it was and cut her ride short.
We had the car seats in the house as I was giving the van a good cleaning that was long overdue. They all went and got their seats and sat in them to watch a video before bed.
Sydney wanted to be strapped into hers and that was all Bob needed for an idea. He grabbed her and was moving her car seat around like an amusement park ride. She LOVED it. Of course Spencer noticed and decided it was his turn. I can't believe Bob was able to twirl him around above his head too. Caden and Peyton didn't notice and that is probably all that saved his back. lol