Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy birthday Daddy

Today was Bob's birthday and the kids were thrilled, they love birthdays.
We made him a cake and shopped for his presents. Ok, so not what every man dreams of but he liked them anyway. A vacuum and a swivel sweeper. We really needed them and he does the majority of vacuuming.
Works for me as Caden just LOVES the swivel sweeper so I may never have to vacuum or sweep again.
We went to Los Cucos after Bob came home from work with our friends Sharyon and John and their daughter Kellyn. It was delicious as usual. The kids favorite part was when they put a sombrero on Bob and sang happy birthday and then smeared whip cream all over his face. My camera died at that exact moment and can you believe I had NO spare batteries.
Happy birthday Daddy, we all love you!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


It was picture day at soccer today. We spent from 9:30 this morning until 2:30 this afternoon at the YMCA in the heat and humidity waiting for pictures and playing games. The kids are exhausted. I think I may be more tired than them though.

We came home and all flaked out and layed around watching tv all afternoon. Caden fell asleep on the couch and almost drowned in his own drool he was so tired.
The kids all did great again today.
The girls got to be the goalies and did great, the did not let one ball past them.
Spencer really needs to play football as he spends most of his time laying on the ground like he was tackled.
I am just counting the days until the pool is warm enough to swim in. They were handing out flyers to sign up for late spring sports. Its already too hot to stand there and watch. The poor kids are just burning up from running in the heat and sun.
We are NOT doing the late spring ones this year, we learned the hard way last year. This year we will lounge in the pool and drink icees.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We had a busy, but GREAT day today. The kids were very excited to see what the Easter bunny had left for them.
We worked hard too! We had a truck load of dirt that we dragged from the front the the backyard. The kids really enjoyed "helping" with that. They were absolutely filthy when we were done. We came in and had a non traditional Easter dinner of our favorite Mexican restaurant - Los Cucos. It was really nice not to have to cook all day.
Then I remembered we had not decorated our Easter eggs yet. We rushed up for baths and then did the eggs. The kids always love that too, but what a mess!!! Then I have to wait to be able to throw them out when they are not looking or they have a fit that I threw out their lovely art work.

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Sydney started with pink eye last week after we came home from Sea World.

I was HOPING that she would keep it to herself. No luck.....Caden and Peyton came down with it yesterday.

They got it way worse than her too. I guess I will have to break down and call for some eye drops now. Poor little Caden has it so bad his right eye is even swollen.
I am hoping that Spencer, Bob and I don't it now. I can wish can't I??? They call it "red eye", makes more sense too. lol
You can click on their pictures for a close up of their eyes. Caden is washed out, my camera is going back for MORE repairs very soon. Ok enough typing my eyes are itchy. lol

Friday, March 21, 2008

The zoo

We went to the zoo today with Queta, Rebecca and Coco (Queta's brother).
We had a picnic and fed the ducks while waiting for them to come. It was a nice day, but boy was it packed.

You could hardly walk without bumping in to someone. Parking was awful too. Please remind me NOT TO GO next year when I get the bright idea during spring break.
I guess I had forgotten how packed it was two years ago when we made the same mistake.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We went to Seaworld on Sunday morning and came home last night. We went with our good friend Beth and her granddaughter Eden. We have season passes and are already planning our next trip.
It was great!!! The kids did really good too even though they spent three longs days at Sea World. We saw all the shows and Sydney now wants to be an animal trainer and not a "cooker" (Chef) anymore. lol
We got to feed the dolphins too. Well Caden held a fish for about 5 seconds before he said he was done and wanted someone else to take it.
The kids (and Bob) whined the whole second day about getting wet on the rides and shows. We went to a pirate show and water squirted you from the seat in front. Everyone but Sydney was crying and all upset that they were wet...even Bob. ;)

The third day we decided we were going to get on the water rides anyway. We went on a big roller coaster water ride called Journey to Atlantis. Caden turned white on the way down the big hill and was crying and Peyton was crying because she was wet. Spencer loved it and Sydney kept her arms in the air the whole time and the second it was done asked if she could go again. Everyone went again and I stayed with Caden and Peyton who wanted nothing to do with it.
Then we went to Rio Loco, a tame water ride where you sit in a big circle and go down a lazy river and get wet with watefalls and sprays. They would NOT let Sydney on as she was a hanf an inch too short. (Yes HALF AN INCH inch) I did everything I could think of to make the girl let her on with no luck. I even played the guilt card and told her to look at her face and tell her she can't go on. Didn't make any sense as the other one was way worse and she was allowed on that. She was disappointed but smiled at us while we went on and she stayed with Beth.
Bob and I got to go on a couple of roller coasters too and Beth watched the kids for us. Nice to have a someone come along!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Car crash

I took the kids to a movie yesterday and Bob met us afterwards so we could take the kids to Incredible Pizza. I was stopped at a light in front of him and I heard breaks squeal for no more than 2 seconds and looked back just in time to see his truck jolt forward. No one was hurt and thank goodness I had all the kids with me. The driver even HAD insurance, what a surprise down here. lol
What happened was a young man in a truck ran in to a car and then pushed it into the back of Bob's truck. The car is totalled and the woman had just paid it off. It was leaking transmission and radiator fluid all over the road, I feel bad for her. To look at our truck you wouldn't even notice we were hit unless I pointed it out. Both other vehicles had to be towed.
The kids just had to get out of the car and look. Now they keep talking about Daddy crashing the car.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Easter egg hunts

Yesterday we did our annual Easter egg hunt with my multiples group. It was great, we always have a ball when we get together with them. They hid TONS of eggs and we had our very own Easter bunny for pictures.
Caden was afraid of the bunny, but agreed to sit for a picture as long as the bunny did not touch him in any way.
We played in the park for a while and visited with friends.

Then today we went to our church's Easter egg hunt. Peyton was mad because she ONLY got 8 eggs...poor thing. Spencer was sweet and told her that they would all share their eggs. More pictures with the Easter bunny then home.
We are all tired today from such a busy weekend.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sports anyone??

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We have been having computer problems and no internet connection. I think I need CA (computer anonymous). I have been having some serious withdrawal. But, alas I am back and with LOTS of posts to catch up on. We have been to soccer, Easter egg hunts and to Sea World. I will try to get caught up soon.

We took the kids for their first soccer games this morning. Spencer went to child watch while the little ones played in their first game.

All the kids there were whining even the ones that weren't mine. Caden would not stop crying because I was making him wear his soccer shirt. I finally gave up and let him take it off and he was willing to play then which was good as a few other kids were still whining and would not play and they needed him for numbers. He just blew me away he was so good. He scored our teams only two goals and loved it. He took the ball from one end of the field to the other and then kicked it right in the net. The other team had a couple of boys that thought they were playing football as everytime they came near Caden they grabbed his shirt and knocked him down and then piled on top of him. Poor little guy has a few scrapes and bruises, but he loved it and the coach called him her superstar.

The girls enjoyed it too. Peyton is such a girl, she announced that she was tired of running. She did kick the ball ONCE and a whole six inches or so too. lol Sydney said she needed a break and had a ball cheering Caden on. I see cheerleading in her future.
The girls really did do well, Caden just stole the show.

After their game I rushed to change the girls in to their ballet outfits and get Spencer so he could go to his game. The girls said they enjoyed ballet more. lol

Spencer is doing great this year and really enjoys it. His best friend Tanner is on the same team too.

Friday, March 07, 2008

My little ninja

Spencer tested for his yellow stripes in tae kwon do tonight.
He did awesome and got both stripes and then even broke a board. I better be nice to him as he will be able to kick my butt soon.
He was so proud of himself too and he should be, he worked hard for this. He had to do three routines and get the kicks and punches all correct and he did a great job. He even got to spar with his teacher tonight and all you could hear were giggles. His teacher is awesome and is so great with the kids.