Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is he 5 or 15???

I had to post this face. Did Caden just turn 5 or 15? He is mad because I told him he has to eat his green beans. All of a sudden they are gross and he doesn't like them anymore. I had to laugh and grab my camera when I got that look.
By the way he did EVENTUALLY eat them all, it just took him a while.
Here is a shot of my livingroom wall. I just LOVE kids art. I am trying really hard not to save EVERY single thing they draw for me too. I am going to be sad when Christmas is over and I need to take it down. I guess we should get started on some Valentine's art.
The kids (especially Caden) love my chocolate cookies with candy kisses inside. They are easy to make, just take time to roll the cookie dough around the candy kiss. They all helped me make some before Christmas and then proceeded to eat every last one in a few days. I figured we could all sit together and make some more today. Maybe even enough so we could give some away this time, so I made a double batch of dough. I had enough dough to make about 90 cookies and the "little darlings" made about 10 before they decided they were tired of making cookies and wanted to play with their new toys. I think if I have to make the cookies then I get to eat them all - fair is fair!!!
The boys love to build things with their new knex sets. (should be edited to say that Caden loves to watch Mommy build things and then run to her every 5 seconds and make her put it back together)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy birthday to my little man

Spencer turned 7 today, I can't believe it. I know they say that kids grow up fast, but this is way too fast.
He is just such a sweet boy. He will do anything to please you and genuinely cares about his little brothers and sisters. I adore you my little man and can't imagine life without you!!!!
We started off by going to Build a Bear as the triplets got to go on their birthday. The little ones were really good and didn't whine once about not getting to make another bear, they knew it was Spencer's turn. I still expected some complaining once we got there, but not one peep. They were happy to show him the ropes as they were old pros. I was so proud of them.
Then we headed to Chuck E Cheeses to play and open his presents.
I have to explain the look on his face when he opened his new nintendo ds. He has been asking for one for ages. I have been telling him for a couple of months that he could NOT have one, insisting that he was too little. I would not even let him play with mine. I knew he would not be expecting it as I had been such a "meaner". He just looked shocked and then got a huge smile and hugged it. He has not put it down since he opened it. lol
After we opened presents we headed to his favorite restaurant in the world...........Olive Garden. He will pick it over ANY other restaurant every time.
James and Queta met us for supper and we had a ball. We had to wait almost an hour to be seated, but we talked and just relaxed and had fun. Spencer was embarrased when they sang happy birthday to him, but I think he secretly enjoyed it. Then we came home to cake and ice cream.
I had convinced Spencer NOT to have a birthday party with his friends now and that he could have a pool party for his birthday in April or May and invite everyone. Having all their birthdays in December and Christmas is just so much and I dreaded the thought of having to throw a party again too. Now I kind of wish we had done his friends party too as it would be DONE. Maybe he will forget...............NOT. lol

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Caden kept running downstairs last night to see if Santa had moved on the NORAD site. He was so excited he was going to explode. Spencer ran down and caught me putting some presents under the tree. He came up behind me and yelled for me to hurry up before Santa got here. He scared me half to death. He didn't even notice the presents I put under the tree.

Spencer with the ornaments he made for us.

Today was so much fun. The kids are at a perfect age and were just thrilled with Santa coming and all the presents.

They got up this morning and immediately ran to the window to see if the reindeer had eaten the food we left for them. I realized too late that we didn't have any carrots so we left grapes and canned carrots for them. The sloppy reindeer spilled a bunch on the grass. They haven't asked why they eat in the yard and not on the roof yet. Soon we will have to put food on the roof. lol

They couldn't believe what Santa had brought for them, he really knew what they wanted. They just had HUGE eyes whenever they unwrapped something. I was just magical to watch them. I hope they believe in Santa for many more years.
I don't know when you will be able to see my livingroom floor again, but they are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

We had turkey for dinner and played with their toys all day, it was just great!

Here is our gingerbread house Christmas Eve before I let them all dive in and have a bite.

Here they are devouring it like the nice polite children I have raised them to be.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

Look below this post to the one dated the 18th. I just added it and its too cute to miss.
The kids just went to bed and are so excited they can't stand it. Sydney just came down for her stuffed animal and saw that Santa had moved on the tracking site and ran upstairs and made everyone come down and look. Caden has been asking to go to bed for a couple of hours now, he was scared he was not going to be asleep when Santa came.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Sydney has been telling me she wants her ears pierced for her birthday. Peyton told me she wanted hers done when she got her hair cut short and then almost immediately changed her mind when I told her that it will hurt and be like getting a needle at the doctor's office. I did not want to lie to them because it DOES hurt. I am still traumatized from mine and I was 12 I think.
I was going to take them to the doctor's office to have them done as I was paranoid and wanted them done by an adult and not a 12 year old that works at the mall. lol
I changed my mind and decided to take them to a place that would be more fun so they would have fun memories of the torture when they grow up.
We went to a place called "Sweet and Sassy". This place is cool and definitley geared towards pampering little princesses.
Peyton decided that she would get her ears done too since it was someplace cool and not the dr office. I still had my doubts she would go through with it as she does tend to change her mind every 10 seconds or so.
Sydney went first and looked very nervous. She did amazing and only cried for a minute. Peyton was next and still said she wanted them done. I told them not to open the earrings until they were ready to pierce. She did great and cried for a couple of minutes. They are both so proud of their new earrings and say they don't hurt unless you touch them.
Caden was more traumatized than the girls, he ran around with his hand over his mouth gasping for 10 minutes. You will see him in the video of Peyton.

Spencer was sweet and hugged and kissed them when it was done. I thought Bob was going to faint on the floor too, he was NOT happy to be there. I figure he needed to see their first piercing and won't need to be there when they get their noses, belly buttons and lips pierced when the are teenagers..........NOT.
They look so cute and so grown up now.
Sydney does not like to watch the video of her getting them pierced. She makes an ugly face and told me not to play it anymore.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy birthday to you and you and you!!!

I can't believe my "babies" are 5 years old. Where has the time gone?
They had a great day today. We started by taking them to Build a bear and they got to choose whatever they wanted. They really enjoyed that and of course the had to have well dressed bears too.
They all wanted to go to Chuck E Cheeses for their "party". (big surprise there)
We didn't do an actual party we just invited our good friends Nana and John and Jan. They ran and had a ball. We had pizza and took cupcakes and a birthday cookie and they opened TONS of presents.
They were so excited about their toys and couldn't wait to get home to play.
Thanks so much for the presents everyone!!!!
Remember the Leapsters that Bob got tackled getting?
They were a HUGE hit. They just love them and the fact that they each have their own.
They were in bed tonight waiting for me to tuck them in and I told them to put them down as it was time to go to sleep. All I hear is "just a minute Mom, I'm not done my game". Did they just turn 5 or 15?
We made special birthday t-shirts for them too. We put their handprints to show they were five years old and then I put their birth order number on the back.
They celebrated their birthday at preschool yesterday. They took cupcakes and chocolate milk to school. They were so excited and really enjoyed all the attention.
There will be a photoshow coming soon. I hurt my back AGAIN.
This time I was trying to teach Spencer to ride his two wheeler. Don't know what I was thinking running down the street holding up his bike at arms length.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Basketball Jones

Spencer is playing basketball and loving it. He is MUCH better than when he played last year. He could NOT dribble the ball, it was hilarious to watch.
He is on the same team as his friend Tanner too.
Caden is miserable sitting there watching. He wants to play so bad. I told him he was too young to play and he insists that he is "bigger" and can play now.
They did pictures today and I just wanted to share.
I always think of the Cheech and Chong song "basketball jones" whenever someone says basketball and can't get it out of my mind right now.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let it SNOW!

I am not kidding, it actually snowed here yesterday in Texas. I was at work and everyone was going on and on about it and I was laughing because they were calling it a blizzard and wondering if school would be cancelled. Being from Canada I have seen TONS of snow and am all over it.
Well that all changed when I was on my way home and it was snowing big huge flakes of light fluffy packing snow. I came in and woke the kids up (it was 8:30) and we went out and played in it. Some was sticking to the grass and the cars were covered in it. We made a snowman - ok, he was only 3 inches tall, but still a snowman nonetheless.
I realized that the last time I saw snow was 6 years ago so I was as excited as the kids if not more. I called my family to tell them about the snow and they were less than enthusiastic.
My nephew told me he was up to his knees in it and for some reason did not seemed thrilled about our "blizzard". lol
Spencer informed me he was going to shovel the driveway when he came home from school the next day. I am sure he would not have made the offer if we lived in Canada. Sydney ate every snow flake she could find and was surprised that it was not salty, I guess because it was white like salt. Peyton and the boys threw snowballs and had a ball.

The next morning it was all gone, but still freezing. Everyone got up and immediately ran to the window to see if the snow was there. Caden was convinced that it was going to snow again tonight.
It was only 22 degrees with the windchill. I dressed Spencer up warm and we went to catch the school bus.
I was wondering where everyone was and then spotted the cars. The other parents had driven to the bus stop in their warm cars and waited until the bus came to let the kids out. Come on, I mean the bus stop is only a few houses away and they drove??? Only in Texas would you see that. I had to laugh, then I ran in the house and turned on the fireplace to warm up.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Santa Claus

We had a busy day today. We started by going to Home Depot for the kid's workshop in the morning where the kids make easels. Then we rushed to Spence's basketball game.

Afterwards we took the kids to a Christmas tree farm and they got to see Santa Claus. They were all excited to see him, even my shy guy Caden. They sat on his knee and told him what they wanted.
Sydney told him she wanted an elf whos head comes off? He told her he would bring it. I have no idea what she is talking about or where she saw such a thing.........thanks Santa.

Spencer wanted an air hog helicoptor. He also has been asking for a nintendo ds non stop, but did NOT ask Santa for it, I was surprised.

Peyton wanted princess things, nothing in particular as long as it has to do with princesses she will be happy.

Caden froze up and would NOT sit on Santa's lap. I had to drag him over by Santa and he would not talk to him. I told Santa that he wanted some Geotrax and he nodded yes when Santa asked him. Poor little guy he was so excited to go see him then just froze up and was scared. I assured him that Santa would bring him toys and that its ok to be shy.
They loved watching the machine that knocks the pine needles off the trees and ran through a wooden maze they have there a hundred times.

I was thinking of letting them get a real tree this year and thought they would just love picking it out, cutting it down and bringing it home. Peyton whined the whole time we were walking through the trees looking and told me "I hate real trees!". Well ho ho ho, she is just full of Christmas spirit. lol
No one seemed too interested so we will just put up our artifical one.