Sunday, December 16, 2012


I can't believe my sweet babies are 9 years old!!!  I can't imagine life without them. They make everyday so much fun!!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

Hope all your wishes come true this year.
James, Queta and Rebecca came to party with us.
We had a big Mexican dinner and set off fire works. I can't believe the kids stayed up. Peyton was the first asleep around 1am and then Caden fell asleep around 2am. I had to make Spencer and Sydney go to bed around 3am.
Made for some tired kids today.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NMBA - non motorized bicycle accident

Spent the Evening in the ER with Peyton. Caden ran over her with his bike. I told them they could have 5 more minutes then they had to come in to bed. She ran in front of him and he flattened her. I heard screaming and saw them in a pile. They were both screaming and I was saying "ssshhhhh". Then I looked down and saw blood on peyton's arm. It was immediately obvious she needed stitches. I brought her in and cleaned her up. She had really bad skinned knees and a cut under her arm too. Caden was still bawling about his little tiny cut on his elbow. Lol
6 stitches and three hours later and we are home. She was so brave, just a few silent tears when they froze it.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I'm back

Well, I'm trying to get back. I "broke" my blog when we came home from Disney then got a horrible virus that we finally got rid of. Of course I had to tell Bob that he better give up and reformat my hard drive or find a good divorce attorney if he didn't get me back online again NOW.
I also admitted defeat and had to update my blog template so I am missing some of my "extras" that I will try to add again later.
I am FINALLY going to download our Disney pictures so I can see them for the first time too. I will get them online soon to share I promise. There has been lots going on too that I will share. I am all hunched over typing this as I hurt my back again so I can't promise it will be a speedy update as sitting in the computer chair really hurts it.
I've added the follower link and a subscription link to the blog now too.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

HI HO HI HO, its off to Disney we go!!!

We are so excited to go. We are leaving in the morning. We don't have a laptop so I won't be able to update and share our pictures until we get back :(
Get ready for TONS of pictures and videos though.
The kids are so excited they can't stand it. The weather is supposed to be high 90's there this weekend, I am sweating already.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rain much?

It poured rain here all day yesterday. There was flooding everywhere. We were lucky and didn't get any in the house. It never occurred to me to look outside to see what was going on. I went out to get Spencer off the bus and the road was flooded. Neighbours tell me it was WAY higher earlier in the afternoon. There were branches and stuff more than halfway up the yard so the water was really high.
I was in the house nursing a sore back. I guess I would have noticed when my feet got wet.
The bus driver let the kids out in the deepest part of the street too. I made Spencer take his socks and shoes off before stepping into the yukky water.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


We headed out for a bike ride in the park today. There is a path around a really nice lake (or pond).
Spencer fell off his bike and ALMOST landed in the lake. Somehow his shoe flew off and landed in the water. I thought it was a goner, but we managed to get it back with a really long stick. It was hilarious.
Later Sydney was riding down a hill by the lake and started to swerve. I yelled and she turned her bike just in time to miss riding in it to the lake really fast and crashed right beside it instead.
I have no pictures of either, can you believe it???

Spencer reminds us that every Saturday is "family game night". Its actually a lot of fun. We turn off the tv and play together as a family. We do games or puzzles or whatever they want. Tonight and we played cards and whack-a-mole. Then the kids decided they wanted to comb my hair and put makeup and nail polish on me. Then they slathered me in moisturizer and rubbed my feet. I LOVE my kids. lol

Love this video of Peyton "riding" her bike and singing, she was stuck in a hole. Caden had to come over and be a boy.

Do you feel raindrops?

We took the kids back to the outdoor theater last night to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats of China. The weather seemed nice, a little cloudy, but still nice.
We got there and had a picnic at the park before the show was to start. Bob went over to get us some tickets and found out that they didn't have any left. Not a big problem we would just wait until just before the show and get seats or sit on the hill and watch. YEAH RIGHT!!
That is when the rain started and by rain I mean thunder and lighting and torrential downpour. Bob ran back to the car to get a big golf umbrella and a kid umbrella for SIX of us to share. lol
He wanted to go home, but you know me........we're already there, lets just wait and see if we can get any seats. Its only an hour until the show starts...sheesh.
All of a sudden the crowd starts running for the entrance so we make a mad dash too. I took the kids and he took the wagon. I managed to get us all seats that were actually pretty good. The only problem now was that it was really windy and the rain was blowing sideways under the theater cover. lol
To make matters worse we were all dressed in shorts and poor Peyton in a summer sundress. So we tried to hide under our TWO umbrellas and a wet blanket. We couldn't all squish together or we would have lost our seats.
When the show finally started the rain had subsided a bit and it was just mist blowing in and not sunami like waves of water.
The show was great and worth it! Caden got up this morning and told me he dreamed about the acrobats.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Too cute

Had to share these pictures of Caden with his sisters.............they adore each other - most of the time. I warned Caden and Sydney not to drown as it was too cold for me to jump in and save them. lol
This picture was taken just hours before Sydney decided to christen our NEW couch and puke all over it without warning. Why is it that kids NEVER seem to make it to the bathroom????
Luckily it washed off the couch and our freshly shampooed carpets easily!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter

We had a quiet day today and enjoyed our Easter. Spencer announced that it was "the best Easter of his life" after he got some army guys from the Easter bunny. lol
The kids enjoyed hunting for their eggs and presents and we just played and enjoyed each other.
We decorated our Easter eggs this afternoon....nothing like waiting until the last minute or anything. We did hard boiled eggs and Spencer insisted on doing some raw so he could blow out the egg guts. I thought his eyes were going to pop out he was blowing so hard. Had to share this video with Sydney's commentary. lol
Now I will HAVE to eat a ton of chocolate to make sure the kids don't gorge themselves. Any responsible Mother would do that to protect her children from the evils of too much chocolate. A sacrifice I am willing to make.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

We decided to take the kids to the zoo and then to the Disney play "Beauty and the Beast" at an outside stage by the zoo. The best part about Miller Outdoor Theater is that its FREE!!! We had a picnic at the zoo, went on the carousel, stopped to see a few animals and then headed over to get seats at the play. The kids (as well as Bob and I) LOVED the show. They had "wolves" running around the isles for one scene too and they all just thought that was the coolest thing ever. Peyton just loves anything princess and when Belle came out in her yellow gown to dance with the beast she just gasped and sucked in air and said "she's beautiful!!!!" The people in front of us turned around and smiled.
She was just so excited and thrilled to see her.
The kids did really good considering the play didn't start until 8pm and ended at 11pm. Spencer informed me that he wants to be an actor and star in shows like this. I really need to look and find out if there is a program where he can try it and not cost me thousands.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Look who ACCIDENTALLY fell in the pool! (Or at least thats the story he is sticking to.)
The pool is still not warm enough to swim in, at least for a normal person to swim in. My kids are not normal and would break through the ice to swim and insist that its not cold, even with uncontrolable shivers and blue lips.
The pool was up to 70 degrees today and Spencer just fell in to it while walking by. uh huh

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter party

Spencer had his Easter egg hunt and party at school today. I wasn't working so I was able to go help and watch. They hunted for two eggs each and then came back in the class for a little party and snack. The eggs had their names on them so they had to hunt and find the right ones....couldn't make it too easy. I didn't tell Spencer I was coming because I wanted him to be surprised, he had a HUGE smile when he saw me. The other kids are so funny, when they wanted me I was just referred to as Spencer's Mom.
I of course took him home early (only by an hour) which just made his day. Yes, his hair is sticking up AGAIN, he looks like alfalpha! I give up trying to make it lay flat. It actually does better with no gel.

The little ones had their Easter party and egg hunt at the daycare today too and told me all about it. Since its a daycare its not really a parent volunteer kind of day. I think there is more candy now than there was at halloween.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


We have been trying to warm up the pool with a solar blanket with NO success. Its been on for a couple of weeks and all its done is turn the pool green.
Bob was outside cleaning it and getting ready to add chlorine. Spencer was out helping him and must have asked him a million times if he could go swimming. Finally Bob said "I don't care". Big mistake to say that to a seven year old. Spencer wasted no time jumping in to the pool FULLY clothed. Sydney immediately jumped in after him with all her clothes on too. At least Peyton and Caden had the decency to ask for bathing suits. I had no intention of letting them swim as the pool was a frigid 67 degrees. They lasted about 10 minutes before climbing out violently shaking and a lovely shade of blue. After warm showers they were no worse for wear though.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Busy day

We had a busy, but great day today. We started by going to Home Depot for their children's workshop and made bird houses. They are really neat as you can suction cup them to the window and one side is clear so you can see the birds inside. We'll just have to wait and see if we have any takers now.

Then we headed to an Easter egg hunt with my multiples group. The kids had a ball. They got to see the Easter bunny and even hold some real bunnies. They are all asking for a bunny now, I have been thinking about it for a long time. Those of you that know me will know that I NEVER jump in to anything and have been researching this for a while and still haven't decided. lol

We then headed to do crafts at Lakeshore Learning, they adore Miss. Kristina the woman that does the crafts. Caden who is usually so shy and won't talk to anyone and even hides behind me always runs in to give her a big hug.
When we were done there we went for a picnic and then a walk. The park was was too crowded so we saw a nice place beside the lake with NO ONE there so figured it would be a good spot. After we got all set up the security guard came out to tell us that we weren't allowed to be there. I figured there had to be a good reason why it was empty. She was nice enough to let us finish our picnic though. After she left Sydney said she was happy that I didn't get arrested. I am sure glad too. lol

I decided it was too early to go home so we headed to another park and did some more walking on some trails. The weather was great and aside from the little princess aka Peyton saying that her legs were tired it was great. She would rather walk the mall than go on a hike. ;)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Stone Soup

Spencer performed in his first grade school play today called "Stone Soup". He was really disappointed that he didn't get a "solo", but did great anyway. He was just so cute and sang his little heart out.
He is the one in the orange baseball cap.
He says he wants to act in a play and have the lead. He has always been so outgoing and NOT shy.

I asked Caden if he was going to sing in a play next year for kindergarten and he looked at me and said "NO!" He apparently got the shy genes in the family. lol