Saturday, August 30, 2008

More fun in the pool

We spent most of the time in the pool while my sister and nephews were here.
I don't think I have laughed that much in ages. My sides still hurt!!!! We just acted silly and laughed for hours. I really can't remember having that much fun just hanging out.
They left this morning to drive home again. I am going to miss them so much!!!!! I can't wait for them to come again....hint hint hint.
Here are some pictures of us horsing around in the water.
They are really bad influences though!!!! When we went home to Canada to visit a couple of years ago they had the Nintendo Wii and got me hooked on it. We just had to have one and ended up getting one for Christmas for the family.
It is just the coolest game. Now I can't stop wanting more and more games for it. I went out and got the Mario Kart for it while they were here and we love it. They boys had to go and get the same game for themselves to take home. Is there a Wii anonymous group out there??
While they were here this summer they got the Nintendo DS and the brain age game. Well now I HAVE to get one.
I used to play videos ALL the time when I was a teenager and thought I had outgrown all of that. I am afraid of what they will come up with next that I can't live without. Try as I might they just would not leave the DS with us.
I am going to need to start selling organs to support my video game habit soon.

Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of grade 1

Spencer started grade one today. I just can't believe how fast time is going. He wanted to take the bus, but I insisted on driving him so I could walk him in the first day.
He is just so independant!! I guess it would be worse if he was crying and hanging on my leg and not wanting me to go. He was not nervous at all until we went in to the school and he got confused trying to find his classroom. We came in a side door when we met the teacher so he wasn't sure which way to go from the office. Once we found it he told me that I could stay and take pictures all day if I wanted to. I knew he was nervous then, as he didn't want me to take any pictures earlier because it would embarrass him. I stayed for a few minutes and he sat down and started on some work she had at his desk and he was fine and told me I could go.
It was not as hard to leave him this year. Last year was hard trying to let go and leave the school. Who was going to look after him and make sure he was ok all day?????? He is just a baby!!!!!!!
Well I need to face it, my baby is growing up and I am so proud of him.
He drew a picture of his teacher for her on his first day. What a suck up huh? lol
After school we all left and went to Incredible Pizza, one of the kids favorite places. They really wanted to show it off to our visiting family.
They thought it was fun and the food was great. My sister watched the littles ones while the rest of us played a game of lazer tag. It was so much fun, I haven't played it since before we got married.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Water balloons

We spent most of the day filling water balloons for the kids. It was hilarious because if the balloon would break while filling it the hose was almost always pointed at someone dry. We must have filled 400 water balloons too.
We let the kids throw them at us, not sure what we were thinking. Of course if you were able to catch the balloon it was yours to throw at whoever you wanted.
It took all of about 10 minutes to use them all up after HOURS to fill them all.
We had another great day out by the pool, I wish we had company ALL the time.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Meet the teacher

Spencer's new first grade teacher let us come in and meet her and see his new classroom today. The regular meet the teacher night was Thursday and we were having too much fun out of town.
It was nice to have her all to ourselves and not have a room full of other parents.
She seems really nice and Spencer liked his new room. He is now excited to go to school. Before he met her and saw his new cool room he didn't want to go back.
His teacher is Mrs. Jackie Suggs and she has been teaching first grade for 12 years.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tubing down the Guadelupe river

We went tubing down the Guadelupe river today and had blast. My sister was not really excited about this part of our trip. She was convinced that poisonous spiders and snakes were going to bite her and turtles and alligators were going to try to eat her. My nephew Shawn on the other hand was quite rational and told her not to be afraid of those things and that the really terrifying animals were the "eyeless ducks" that were in the water.
I wasn't quite sure how the kids would do, but they did great. Caden immediately started enjoying himself and was splashing ice cold water at Daddy. The other three were whining....."i'm done, the water is cold, its going to rain so we need to get out of the water, its too sunny, the water is dirty, an alligator is gong to eat us." The list could go on and on too. After about 30 minutes of complete bliss and serentiy on our fun adventure we all decided to stay really close together and form a circle around the cooler tube and break out the snacks and drinks. Its amazing what some doritos, chocolate chip cookies and water will do to kids temperaments. They all immediately started to have fun and we didn't hear another whine all day. Except the ones from Shawn because our snacks attracted the killer eyeless ducks.
Once we got to the tube chutes (an area with rougher and faster moving water) we all got out and walked to the top of them and did them again and again and again. It was hard work as we were all carrying two tubes each as the kids were too little to carry theirs. They really need a moving sidewalk to get back to the beginning.
We stopped and caught a bunch of tadpoles along the way and took them for a ride down the chutes in a water bottle. Sydney insisted that we let them go again when we walked back up.
We spent about 6 hours on the river and then went to Olive Garden for our long awaited dinner before heading home.
Unfortunately a disposable underwater camera does not take great pictures.
It was a great couple of days though!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What fun

We all headed to San Antonio this morning. We checked in to our hotel and then headed out to the Alamo. Our visit there reminded me of the scene from National Lampoon's "Vacation" where they finally get to the Grand Canyon and Chevy Chase bounces up and down a couple of times and then wants to go. Shawn and Kevin were ready to leave before we got there. I don't think I have ever seen the Alamo that fast in my life. They wanted to see the Riverwalk instead so we made our way over there. We walked around for a while and I chased them with my camera. Now they know how the stars feel when the paparazzi is chasing them around.
We left there to go to Austin to see the bats come out from under the Congress Street bridge. We were going to go to Olive Garden for supper, but they were packed. By the time we called around to a couple of them it was getting late and we needed to rush to get to Austin before dark. We stopped for a not so quick hamburger (could not believe how slow they were!!!) and headed to Austin.
We made it JUST in time and walked up as the bats were starting to fly out. The kids enjoyed it, but enjoyed playing with the boys better.
My sister thought it was awesome and the highlight of her day. Luckily she forgot her bright red straw "bat hat" to protect her from the killer vampire bats.

Monday, August 18, 2008

They're here

My sister and her two boys - Shawn and Kevin arrived here last night from Canada. We are absolutely thrilled to have them visit!!!! I should say her two men came with her as they are 21 and 18 yrs old. lol
We spent the whole day today relaxing by the pool. The kids are thrilled to have company and Caden was the only one who was a little shy and it didn't last very long.
We also opened all the goodies my Dad sent down. There were TONS of pool floaties for us. There are so many that there is no room in the pool for us to swim now. We are so excited to have them here for a visit too, its been 5 years since they have been here.
They are staying about two weeks.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Seaworld anyone?

We went back to Seaworld this week for a couple of days. We are certainly taking advantage of our season passes.
We always have a ball when we go. We spent the whole time in the "Lost Lagoon" water park again. Its too hot to do anything else anyway. I can't believe how brave the kids are, they go down all the water slides and love it. The girls don't like being in the deep end of the wave pool though. Peyton the little diva does not like water splashing in her face and Sydney wants me to lift her over the waves and my arms are not that strong.
Thursday we got Pizza Hut and went back to the hotel pool. I think that was the kids favorite part of the whole trip. Who needs expensive season passes to an amusement park, just swim in a hotel pool.
Peyton was too busy having a snack to pose with the other three in the first picture with the waterfall. :<)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

I love my job...I love my job

I used to work in a veterinary clinic years ago before my Mother made me go to nursing school. Thats a whole other story though.
I got ALL the rotten jobs to do in the clinic. I cleaned, painted, mowed the lawn and my all time favorite - washing all the dirty syringes and needles so we could reuse them. I can't even count the needle sticks I recieved. Yet, miraculously I am still here to talk about it. lol
The best part of the job though by far was giving baths to cats that did NOT want baths. They were too ornery for their owners to do it so they brought them to the clinic and it became my job. To add insult to injury (really) I made $5.00/hr.
I came accross this video and just had to share, as this is exactly what I would have to bathe on a regular basis.
I need to remind myself of this when I am having a bad day at could be (and has been) worse.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Take me out to the ball game

Thanks to the reading program at the library we took the kids to their first baseball game yesterday. The reading program is awesome and gives a bunch of coupons to the kids for reading. Included were free tickets to see the Astos. We were WAY UP at the top, but the seats were still good.
They were so excited and made little signs to hold up. They even made a big one for them all to hold too.
They really enjoyed it even though they thought it was LONG. Caden and Sydney asked a few times if it was time to go yet. The Astros played the Mets and won 4 - 0.

After the game they got to run the bases. Bob and I were arguing about who was going to go with them and who was going to watch our stuff and take a picture. I was winning when we got to the front of the line and they said it was only for kids. Before I knew it my "babies" were gone and the guy says they will come out at isle 127. We were at isle 150 something. I never ran so fast in my life. lol
They did NOT stay together like I told them to either.....rotten kids. ;) They really enjoyed it and I was jealous that I could not do it too. Peyton was not as happy as the other three though as she got "pushed down by some little boy" and skinned her knee.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Poor little Peyton has croup. I thought they were too old for that, but apparently not. She almost went to the ER on Thurday night. Those of you who know me understand how bad she must have been. (I believe that you must be in need of life support to go to the hospital.) She was wheezing and had BAD stridor and could hardly breathe. Bob was having a heart attack and running around yelling which made her cry and did nothing for her already labored breathing. We boiled some vicks vapo rub in a big bowl of water and made her put her head over it for a little while. She improved and could breathe a little easier then. She still continued with some stridor overnight and I got NO sleep staying awake to watch her. Bob would fall asleep and then bolt upright grabbing the poor baby and yell that she was not breathing. Scared me and Peyton half to death every time he did it too. I made him leave and sleep on the couch after the 3 time. lol
I took her to the Dr. yesterday and she is now on steroids. Sydney started all of this a few days ago, but she is not having the difficulty breathing that Peyton has.
I asked the Dr. to look in her ear as its been bothering her and I have been irrigating it with water mixed with peroxide. Well its seems that having an ICU nurse for a Mom is not a good thing - she has a raging infection in her outer ear and is on antibiotic drops now too. I feel so bad!!!!!