Saturday, May 31, 2008


The pictures pretty much speak for themselves huh??
We had just gotten home from purchasing paint for the boys room. Caden wants to move in with Spencer and I had always said that when the little ones were ready to separate they would let me know. We are moving the boys into our computer room as its bigger. I will share some pictures when and if we ever get it done.
Caden came with me and was trying to be a big helper. He was "helping" me carry one of the gallons of paint in the house when he dropped it and it burst open. He had this look of terror on his face and was saying "sorry Mommy" right before he ran upstairs screaming. It was not his fault, it was an accident. If anyone was to blame it was me for letting him carry it. Poor little guy was sure he was in trouble. I finally was able to go up and get him and tell him it was ok, but not until after I scooped up as much paint as I could and tried to wipe up the rest. Bob and I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed..........get the idea? I think we got most of it up, but now there is a clean spot and we need to scrub the rest of the walkway. It still has a slight blue haze to it, maybe we will have to paint all the sidewalks blue. Who knows we may be starting a new trend.
Its no wonder nobody gets anything done with kids around. We could have had the room painted in the time we spent cleaning. Now I get to go and buy ANOTHER gallon of paint and start the whole process over again tomorrow.

Friday, May 30, 2008


It was the end of the year carnival for Spencer's school. They divided up all the grades and they each got an hour to go outside and enjoy all the activities.
Spencer really wanted us to go, so we ventured up. I had warned the little ones that they could not play or get their faces painted as it was a day for Spencer. They were fine with it too. Everyone was so nice there, they included the little ones and let them have sno-cones and play games too. They were thrilled.
I must have tied 20 pairs of kids shoes. Who sends their 5 and 6 year olds to school with shoe lace that they do NOT know how to tie. It must make the teachers CRAZY.
They had moon walks, treasure hunt in the sand pit, popcorn, sno-cones, face painting, hair coloring, finger nail polish, tattoos, obstacle course and bead necklace making stations.
We met Spencer't music teacher from his first year in preschool and he had NO idea who she was. He adored her a couple of years ago. How quickly they forgets.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

On the mend now

Sydney went to the doctor today and she indeed does have a raging ear infection, but only a touch of swimmers ear? He said it was just a coincidence that we were in the pool for so long. She is now on 10 days of oral antibiotics and antibiotic ear drops on top of that.
We took the downtown train from the park to the doctors office to avoid the almost $10 parking fees, plus the kids LOVED the train.
Poor thing was up last night at midnight with a 102 temperature. Followed shortly thereafter by Peyton who had to pee and then Caden wondering where everyone was. There was NO room left in bed for me. lol I shouldn't complain though as they very rarely ever sleep with me, I am lucky in that respect.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Poor little Sydney has an ear infection. We were IN the pool for at least 10 hours on joke. Well, Monday night she started complaning that her ear hurt and was crying and holding it at bedtime. I figured better late than never and I put alcohol in it to see if it would help and dry it out. I also chased that with some tylenol.
Today at daycare she was miserable and they called to ask if they could give her some tylenol as she had a low grade fever. Well that only means one thing...its now infected. Good thing it was the daycare and NOT Spencer's school. His school nurse insists on sending him home with the sniffles. She makes me CRAZY, but thats a whole other really long story for another time. lol Just suffice it to say that I told her NOT to call me again unless he needs life she calls Bob.
We have a doctor appointment in the morning (only because they would not prescribe antibiotics over the phone). I talked to her on the phone when I was at work and told her we were going to get it fixed up tomorrow and she cried because she doesn't want to go see him.
Its too bad she has to suffer another whole day though waiting to see him.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kindergarten program

Spencer had his year end kindergarten program at school today. Last night he told me he was nervous about standing up in front of everyone, but you wouldn't have known it to watch him. He told me that he was nervous inside and I just couldn't see it. Bob took the day off so he could go and watch him. Spencer was asking if he could go so that made him really happy.
Nana and John surprised him and came to watch him too, that thrilled him.
I can't believe that was my little baby boy up there looking so grown up and doing such a GREAT job. I am so proud of him and how far he has come.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nice weekend

We had a nice weekend. We went to the train rides Saturday morning and the kids always like that. Apparently everyone knows about them now and we had to wait in line for about 45 minutes. Peyton and Sydney insisted on taking their dolls for the ride and of course Peyton dropped hers while we were on the train. They were really nice and stopped it and one of the men went back and got it for her. She held on to her REALLY tight for the rest of the ride.

The kids swam again even though the pool is only 70 degrees. I can't believe how cool its been down here this spring. We even went for a bike ride to the park. Daddy got to stay home and mow the lawn. :) The boys rode their own bikes and I took the girls in the trailer behind my bike. Several people asked me "are ALL those kids yours??" The boys do really well and do not try to go on the road. We even took the long way to the park with no complaints. Well, at least from legs were burning.

We started a fire on Saturday evening and I was just about to sit by it and relax and it started raining, I couldn't belive it!!! Spencer and I stood in the rain and roasted a few marshmallows anyway as he missed it last week when he was sick.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I had a wonderful day today. It all started with a bath to soak in the bath salts Spencer got for me. Of course the little ones had to come in and help me have a bath. The just LOVED washing my hair and rinsing it. That was about all the relaxing I had for today, but it was great anyway.

Poor little Spencer woke up sick with a high fever and just feels awful. He tried to go to his room to get the presents he made for me and had to run back to the bathroom as he was sick. He was so disappointed, but he felt a little better later and was able to at least watch as Daddy gave them to me. He made a beautiful wooden flower bouquet and some great pictures and cards. The little ones made some very cute pictures for me too. I actually threw away the Mother's Day cards they made at daycare. I had no idea that is what they were, what a BAD Mommy!!! I was so afraid they were going to ask for them. Bob distracted them and helped them make some more and they didn't even mention them.

Bob and I did tons of yard work. We finished planting the flowers in the little gardens, then placed rocks in them. Then we tackled the big garden behind the pool and raked out the weeds and planted a few plants. We are still not done the big garden, but it looks a lot better already. Peyton, Sydney and Caden swam all afternoon with their float belts on as the pool is STILL too cold for me to get in. They were little dare devils jumping in and swimming all over.

I found a snake in the garden while planting. I of course had to catch it and put it in the bug catcher. Bob ran around freaking out saying it was a cotton mouth snake and that we were all going to die when it bit us. Sydney wore the bug catcher around her neck like a necklace which freaked him out more. It was just a LITTLE brown garden snake.

We had my favorite Mexican food from Los Cucos for supper, we did take out. Poor little Spencer wouldn't even try any.

Then we had a fire and roasted marshmallows - I love them. I had my fill too, as everyone wanted to roast them, but I was the only one that would actually eat them. We brought Spencer out and made him a little bed with pillows and blankets beside the fire so he could enjoy it too. Caden and Sydney fell asleep sitting out there.

I can't imagine better kids to spend Mother's day with. I just love them so much!!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

We are so hot

I took the kids to see Sleeping Beauty today and then to the zoo afterwards. Sleeping Beauty was playing in the park right beside the zoo so I thought it was a good idea. There were about nine million other people with the same idea so we had to park far away. By the time we "ran" to the where Sleeping Beauty was playing we were drenched with sweat. The girls had also convinced themselves that we were going to Disney Land to see her. Much to their disappointment it was NOT Disney Land and indeed Cinderella was NOT there. They kind of enjoyed the show, but were way more excited about going for the picnic we had planned for afterwards. We stayed and watched the entire show though, we were not leaving after the trek I had to make to get there.
We had our picnic in the zoo and the kids thought the best part was feeding the koi. We then went to see the elephants, then decided to cool off in an indoor exhibit. Peyton put her hand in where the turtles were and was surprised when it bit her. Well you think it bit her hand off the way she was screaming. Caden and Sydney were quite concerned about her little finger too. After that I decided that we had endured enough excitement for one day and we came home. They fell asleep in the car before we hit the freeway.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Who could be mad at that face???

Spencer came home from kindergarten with his very first yellow dot yesterday. They have a little calendar in their folder and they get green for good, yellow for a warning, red for bad and black for spawn of satan.
He has come home with green EVERY day since he started school. They didn't bring home their folders on Monday and he didn't say a word to me about it either. Well when I came home from work tonight Daddy told me to check his folder. (Yes, the kids were still not in bed). Spencer was very worried and looked at me all sad and says "do you still love me Mommy?"

I looked at him with his sad little eyes and you could tell he was just crushed. I just had to hug him and tell him it was perfectly fine. He was talking....imagine that? I wonder where he got that from? I would have had black every day for talking if we had that chart when I was his age.

I think perhaps I should get a color coded calendar system at home, do you think it would work????

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A sad day

We sold our quad stroller today and I was very sad to see it go.
Caden was WAY more upset though. He kept saying we needed to keep it and he wanted us to take him for a walk to the park in it. They still fit in it too, but barely.
Look how small they were in it when we first got it compared to now.
When the couple was here to pick it up he ran upstairs to his room. I am not sure what happened, but he must have slammed the door really hard or flung himself against it because the door knob part was on the opposite side of the door jamb. He was crying and saying he could not get out. I wasn't sure if were going to be able to get him out at first either. lol
We cheered him up by letting him pull out the geotrax with the 9 million or so pieces that go with it. Then we playing in the back yard and the kids "swam" in the baby pool with hot water added. I can't believe its been so cool down here. Our pool is still only 70 degrees and thats about 15 degrees colder than I will get in to. I wonder how many pots of hot water I would have to carry outside to warm it up?
We set up our new patio set and ate supper outside. Actually it was an all you can eat buffet for the flies. Then we started a fire and relaxed for a while. It was a great day. We snuck in some yard work too, much to Bob's disappointment.