Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clean shiny teeth

The triplets went to their first dentist appointment today. They always say that things are "shiny" when they are clean and make me look at their shiny hands after they wash them. So now their teeth are nice and shiny. Very good report, no cavities!!!
Actually Sydney saw the dentist when she broke her tooth a few years ago. This was her first check up though.
They did really good.
They were all nervous as they came with me last year when Spencer had his two teeth pulled. They were convinced that it was happening to them too. They all got to wear cool sunglasses so the light wouldn't bother their eyes.
Remember when Peyton and Sydney ran in to each other a couple of years ago and Peyton really hurt her mouth and Sydney got a huge gash in her forehead? The dentist thinks that one of Peyton's front teeth may be dead and have to be pulled before her adult teeth come in. He said it probably won't fall out on its own now. I will just wait to tell her that when the times comes. It doesn't bother her at all and he says to just leave it for now.
When we got in the car to come home Caden asked me..."can we go there again?"

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope that the new year brings happiness and fulfillment to all of you!!!!

We stayed home last night and partied with the kids. We were joking and talking about when we used to go out and party. I wouldn't trade staying home with the kids for the fanciest party in the world.

Our good friend Jan had left (way too many) Christmas presents for them and wanted them to open them on New Years Eve since she didn't feel well and opted to stay home. Then we played with toys and watched some of the fireworks in the neighbourbood.

We came in to toast the new year with some lemonaide and then went out to play with some sparklers and a few fireworks that Daddy had stashed away.
They all managed to stay awake and be pleasant. Bob had to work today so we went to bed soon after midnight.

Jan and her neice and nephew came over today to visit. (wish we had waited to let them open their presents so she could watch them) I wish her neice Caroline lived closer as she would be my babysitter. Peyton cried and hugged her when they were leaving and didn't want them to go. Spencer loved playing with her nephew Jesse, he was 11. He said it was nice not being the oldest for a change. Our friend Beth came for a little while after work too.

Spencer and Jesse in the tree.