Monday, March 30, 2009


Just wanted to share a couple of pictures from today. I took the little ones to the park to play and feed the ducks. They LOVE to feed the ducks! We stayed for a few hours and had picnic and played too. I felt bad as poor little Spencer was in school. I am dreading the little ones going to school next year, who will play with me then????

I thee wed

The kids went to their first wedding yesterday. Our good friend's daughter got married, it was beautiful. We wish you all the happiness in the world Cody and Kayla!!!
The kids really enjoyed it and even did the chicken dance at the reception. Well - Caden hid behind me everytime I asked if he wanted to dance too. lol
Here are our friends John and Sharon with their grand daughter Ryan.
Notice Spencer making rabbit ears behind Peyton's head...rotten kids.
The photographer took some pictures of us so I will share when I get them.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The big fall

Spencer wanted me to post this video of him falling off his bike back on March at the dirt bike hill. It was his first attempt down the hill and it could have gone better. lol
Luckily he didn't hurt himself and did get right back on the bike to try again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rock climbing

After our ice cream and flower adventure we came home and picked up Daddy and headed out to do some indoor rock climbing. They kids did really well.
Caden is VERY afraid of heights so he only went half way up before he got scared. Peyton only made it about halfway too before she wanted down. Daddy even climbed up and did really good.

Spencer was standing behind me rubbing my shoulders just like a boxing coach does and was telling me "you can do it Mommy, come on!" The other kids were telling me it was my turn too.

Well I guess I was bullied in to trying it, plus I couldn't let Bob show me up. The guys running it were mean though and wouldn't let me climb the kiddie wall.

I started out really well and went up quite a bit before my arms gave out.

That's what I get for thinking that it looked really easy to do. I told them that I couldn't go any further and I needed down. There were 3 guys about 20 years old in there and they wouldn't let me give up. They told me to hang there and take a break.

I wasn't sure the girl that was holding me could hold my butt up there, but she assured me she was OK. So I shook my arms and got some blood circulating again and made it up a few more feet. It was hard now as the wall was jutting out and I had to use my arms to hold myself against the wall and pull up too. I told them that this time I really couldn't go any further, I could barely feel my arms. They would NOT let me down, I thought I was going to have to call the police with my cell phone, but unfortunately it was in my purse. They kept yelling for me to put my foot on the yellow rock and push myself up. There was a TINY little spot to put my big toe on the rock and they wanted me to push myself up?? Have they seen the size of my butt? lol
They finally let me down after watching my feeble attempts with NO success to get any higher. I couldn't even push the tab to release my helmet because my hands were so weak and shaking.
Once I got down I realized how close I was to the top, no wonder they kept trying to get me to finish. I will have to try again another time if my arms ever recover. Maybe this time they will believe me and let me do the kiddie wall ;)

Ice cream anyone?

I decided to take the kids to the Blue Bell creamery for a factory tour today. Unfortunately its spring break and EVERYONE else had the same idea too. You think I would have learned to stay home during spring break.
We got there and they told us it would be a 2 and 1/2 hour wait and that they couldn't even guarantee we would get in if we waited that long. I was NOT waiting that long to see it if I never did. We got some ice cream, watched the video of how its made and looked around. I don't think the kids cared that we didn't go in.

We had a picnic in the park and then stopped and took some pictures in the bluebonnets on the way home. There was also a nice field of some yellow flower that I made them pose in too. I am really glad I let them eat chocolate ice cream before I took their pictures....... good thing there's photoshop.





Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day out at some parks

Just think this picture of Spencer and Peyton in the playground is really cute.

Took the kids to a couple of neighbourhood parks today. We had a picnic, fed the ducks, played on the playground and swings and just had a ball. The girls and I made a stew of dirt and grass while the boys drove our spaceship (the playground) and battled aliens. Then we went for a walk and explored the planet we landed on. I just love kids imaginations.

We came home and got Bob and our bikes and went riding on some dirt bike hills. Peyton was a little nervous, but did fine. Caden is my dare-devil and did GREAT, even with his training wheels.

Then we went for another walk in the bush looking for deer. The kids were so noisy I'm sure the nearest deer was 5 miles away.

The kids enjoyed playing soccer with their glow in the dark ball before we came home too.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope everyone has a great day!
We built a leprechaun trap yesterday in hopes of catching one. I told the kids if we caught one he would have to tell us where his pot of gold is. They made an awesome trap and painted and drew some pictures to attract the leprechauns. I helped them decorate a box and make a trap door at the top. They made a homemade ladder out of popsicle sticks they painted for the leprechauns to climb up on the trap too.
Much to their surprise this morning there was NO leprechaun in their trap. They had been here though and were very mischevious too. They moved our ladder to write grafitti on the stove and dishwasher, turned our milk and jello green, left green confetti all over the kitchen floor and took the gold beads we had used for bait. Sydney is mad because one of the "little guys" wrote "You'll NEVER catch us" on her picture.
Then when the kids went to the bathroom and lifted the lid they noticed that the leprechauns had written on the toilet lid as well. The kids thought it was hilarious and can't wait to build a better trap next year to catch one.
We are going to have green eggs and ham for supper tonight as well. That was Spencer's idea and he can hardly wait.

Apparently the leprechaUns are not only sneaky, but illiterate as well. They couldn't even spell leprechaun correctly.
They must have been really tired. lol

Close up of their little trap.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Go Texan Day again

Today was Spencer's turn for Go Texan Day at school. He was very excited and looked very handsome. He had to make a cage for some farm animals and take it to school for his project. He told me that he won second place and brought home a little paper ribbon. They rotated classes and got to play some games and pretend to milk a cow. Great way to start of his spring break.
Does the outfit look a little familiar? lol

It seems all I have posted about lately is Go Texan day and missing teeth. lol

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Another one

Spencer lost another tooth today, at this rate he will be totally toothless in no time. It was his other top tooth in the front. Now he is missing them both and couldn't get any cuter if he tried!! The kids were playing in our bouncy house outside and he came running to show me his tooth. Turns out Peyton knocked it out!!! It was an accident, she banged her head in to his face while jumping. I laughed and told him to wait til his friends found out his little sister knocked his tooth out.
The tooth fairy is going to have to declare bankruptsy soon if this keeps up.

Here he is telling me all about it.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Go Texan Day

Today was "cowboy day" at the triplets daycare. I had forgotten so had to scramble to get some western gear in the morning. They were really excited and I think they looked adorable!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Its finally out

Spencer's two front teeth have been loose for MONTHS. When I took him to the dentist last month he said he would pull them if they were still there next time. Spencer is just not a wiggler so I have been after him to wiggle them ever since.

Yesterday morning one of his front teeth was so loose it was almost sideways and just barely in. He tried to pull it with his fingers and couldn't do it so I asked him if I could try. It was so loose it came out with hardly any pressure. He is happy and absolutely adorable. Caden is freaking out saying he doesn't want his teeth to come out and is traumatized by the whole ordeal. lol
Today I asked him what his teacher said and he told me she asked what the tooth fairy had brought him. He informed her that his Mom wouldn't let him put his tooth under his pillow.
I worked yesterday so by the time I got home he was in bed asleep and HIS FATHER is the meany that wouldn't let him put it under his pillow. He thought that I would want to help him do that? I didn't want to put it under while he was asleep as that is the fun part. We waited and did it tonight at bedtime. She left him a five dollar bill (all that we had lol) and some fluoride mouth rinse and a note in teeny tiny writing.
I am sure his teacher is wondering what kind of mother the poor child has.

If Spencer looks half asleep in the first picture its because he WAS. It was only 5am and I had just gotten him up, they have to get up REALLY early when I work :(

Monday, March 02, 2009

Good bye

Our wonderful dog Androculese passed away suddenly last night. He was 10 years old and we have no idea what happened. He came in from outside and laid down and then could not get up. Bob had to carry him to the car to take him to the emergency vet. He had a seizure there and some of his labs were abnormal. No signs of poisoning so it was something endocrine or a brain tumor? He died an hour an a half after we woke up to take him outside.
It happed in the middle of the night so I did not tell Spencer before school. He did not need to be upset all day. The little ones were sad and said they would miss him.
Spencer came home from school and Caden ran out to the bus and told him "our dog died". I could not believe it. Spencer didn't believe him and I had to tell him it was true. He burst in to tears and cried for 5 or 10 minutes. Then a few more times throughout the evening he would start to cry. He said he is really going to miss him this summer when we go swimming. Androculese spent the whole summer in the pool chasing balls and pulling the kids around when they grabbed on to him.
We are still in shock and will miss him terribly.
We had to put our 17 year old cat Piphy to sleep last spring so this has been a really hard year with pets. She was the sweetest siamese cat you would ever have seen.
This is the first time in my life I have had no pets and it just feels so strange.
We told the kids that Androculese was in Heaven and they started asking questions like...........where is Heaven and how do you get there. Sydney answered that one and told them that you walk to Heaven on a rainbow. I thought that was just SO SWEET.
They were mad at God when Piphy died though. I told them that she was in Heaven with God and they said that God needed to get his OWN cat and give ours back.