Friday, January 26, 2007

To stand or not to stand???

Caden decided a few days ago that he was going to stand and pee. I was hoping that would not come for a while yet. Now when he hears a noise or you say something he will turn to look and just keeps peeing.
Sydney thinks thats its pretty cool to be able to stand and pee and wants to do it too. We keep having talks about how only boys can pee standing up because boys have penises and girls have vaginas. She was not happy with that and told me that she does not have a vagina and she has a penis too. Now they get into conversations amongst themselves about who has a penis and who has a vagina, its HILARIOUS!! I have caught her standing a couple of times, but so far she hasn't peed on herself. lol
Gotta love kids.
By the way.........still NO accidents. They are even waking up from naps and in the morning dry sometimes.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

We're potty trained!!!

We have been potty training since last Saturday and they have done really well. They have been ready for ages, but Mommy was the hold out. I HATE potty training and would rather they trained themselves when they moved away to college. That said, they are done and it was relatively painless :)

Sydney took only three days, Peyton four days and Caden six days and they have had no accidents since. We started with potty chairs and moved to the big toilet within a couple of days. I don't even have to remind them now, they know when to go. I didn't use any rewards like candy or stickers as then I would have to train them not to expect that. They are too funny, whenever they poop they have to make you come and look and then proceed to tell you what type of animal it looks like.
They are so proud of themselves when they go on the potty. We have done many poopy and pee on the potty dances too.
Now we just need to contend with visiting EVERY bathroom in Houston when we go out.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Its freezing

Its been really cold down here in Texas and last night and today we have had freezing rain and sleet. The temperature has been below freezing and in the 20's with the wind chill.

We got up this morning to a layer of ice on everything. We let the kids go out and scrape my car with an ice scraper I still had from my days in Canada (not sure why I still had it?) They thought it was fun, but were complaining of cold hands.
We stayed in where it was safe and snuggled by the fire.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dr's appointment

All the kids went for their well child check ups today, I figure they may as well all go at once.
The doctor thought they were all doing great and growing the way they should. All was going well until it was time for the dreaded needles. They were all running away from me and yelling that is was someone else's turn, it was funny. Peyton went first and did really well, then Caden was the next in line. He also did great, but wanted Daddy as soon as it was done because mean ole Mommy held his arms while he got the needle. Then I grabbed Sydney and pulled her pants down and sat her on the table. She had already pulled them up in the second it took me to sit her on the table and was yelling "no, don't want it, don't like it!!!!" Needless to say she was not amused by the whole process.
Spencer was last and was still insisting he was NOT getting a needle. He was so mad even after it was done, he was telling me through his tears "I told you I didn't want a needle and you MADE me have one!!!" I felt so bad!!!
He even admitted it didn't hurt anymore, but that didn't matter.
We took them for frozen yogurt afterwards and then strolled through the park. We were down by the children's museum and figured we would go in for a little bit. We were cautious as that is where Caden got rotovirus from last spring. I think I used half the bottle of purel on their little hands when we left.
When we got home and undressed them they were all pointing out their boo boos and then started chanting and marching "no more boo boo's, no more boo boo's" All they needed were little picket signs, it was so cute.
Here are their heights and weights.

43 lbs (75%)
45 inches (90%)

37 lbs (95%)
41 inches(90%)

35 lbs (90%)
38 1/4 inches (75%)

29 1/2 lbs (50%)
37 inches (50%)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

We went over to Bob's brother's last night to celebrate. The plan was for me to come home early with the kids and put them to bed. They were having way too much fun to leave. Queta had set up a dance floor in the livingroom complete with disco ball and lazers on the floor. Peyton is my little party animal, she hardly sat down all night. She danced with everyone and loved to be twirled!! Bob and James set off some fireworks before midnight to entertain the kids, they just loved them. They all had sparklers too (which made mommy VERY nervous). Peyton didn't want anything to do with them, she would tell you "no fire!"
Poor little Spencer was the the only one to fall asleep about 10 minutes before midnight :( I could not wake him up even though I tried.
We had some food to eat and then headed for home. They were all asleep in the car when we got home around 2am and didn't even wake up when we took them to bed. I just stripped off their pants, socks and shoes and put them to bed. The next morning Spencer woke up and was upset that he didn't have his pajamas on.

I hope all your wishes come true in this new year!!!