Thursday, July 31, 2008

Speaking of hating me for this blog later...

Spencer got beat up by a two year old at the YMCA child watch....he really did. Actually the kid attacked him with a block and I am very proud of Spencer for not hitting back. He just took it until the teachers came over to save him. Evidently this is not the first incident with the child so I don't think he will be allowed back.
I am very proud of him for being grown up enough to know not to hit the little one back (even though he deserved it!!!)
He has a little cut under his right eye and scratches on his forehead.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ultimate fighting championship match

Not sure who won the match, but Peyton sure took a beating. I heard the bang from the other room. Her and Spencer were wrestling and "practising tae kwon do" and she got shoved in to the back of the couch against the wood frame. It immediately got a huge white lump and I figured it would give her a shiner.
Its not showing up in pictures to be as dark as it really is.
She'll hate me for this picture later, but I thought it was perfect for the post. Makes her look like she really did just fight a round in the UFC. She actually just woke up.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy birthday to me

We celebrated my birthday today. It was actually on Wednesday, but I was working.
The kids think its fun when its someone's birthday. I decided on Los Cucos which we brought home and ate.
Spencer was so sweet and gave me ALL the money from his piggy bank so I could buy a game for the wii. He couldn't find the one I wanted in the store. He is just so sweet. He had $36.05 and I told him that was the perfect amount for the game. I will take the money and put it in his bank account now. I don't want to put it back in his piggy bank because he will notice and it will hurt his feeling. They are all giving me a group hug here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Library card

Spencer got his first library card today and signed out his very own book. He was so proud and thrilled to have his OWN card. I can't believe my kids are growing up so fast, soon it will be his drivers licence.
He signed out a chapter book and can even read most of it by himself. I am so proud of my little man!!
We were at the library this morning for a marionette show. They have had some good programs this summer.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Swim class

The kids started swim classes today. The little ones did great. They all did what the teacher asked them, including Sydney who put her face in the water to swim. She REFUSES to do that for me. She even went down and got some rings off the bottom with the teacher's help.
Spencer's class was too basic and the teacher recommended pulling him out and putting him in another one. The only time they offer the other one is the same time as the little ones' class and its at a different Y. Since I can't clone myself he gets to just go and play in the water park, its very cool too.
We stayed to play after the triplets finished their class. They all went down the water slides about a million times.
We LOVE the Y and can't say enough good things about them.

I am so happy about how well they can all swim. Its funny though, Caden swims with both arms at the same time like he is doing the butterfly - only its a dog paddle stroke. Sydney won't put her face in the water for me and swims exactly like a frog.
Peyton is the one that is doing really well with her strokes, but still needs some work. I figured it was time for someone else to tell them how to swim and maybe they would do it for them better. When we swim then just want to play and announce to me that "swim class is over."

Friday, July 18, 2008


We went to the library yesterday to see some bugs. Xploration Station from the museum was there and brought some of their little critters for the kids to see. It was actually kind of cool. They even got to hold a tarantula. Sydney and Spencer did anyway, Caden and Peyton are like their Mama and think that spiders should be squished.

Caden and Spencer came home and decided they were not feeling well. A couple of hours later Caden runs in the kitchen yelling "there is a bug in my mouth" and them promptly thows up ALL OVER my kitchen floor. (Not a bug from the library.)
I rush him to the bathroom and the girls are running around saying "Caden puked" and making barfing sounds. Gotta just love kids.
I have to explain the whole bug in my mouth thing.
It was a couple years back and the kids were sick and wanted to know why. Well the nurse in me tried to explain bacteria and viruses to them. They had no idea so I brought it down a notch and told them that they were bad bugs that make you sick. They still think that real bug makes them sick and are inside them. Even when they have a headache or something they tell me there is a bug in their head.
Spencer seems to be fine today. Caden has continued with diarrhea and being sick to his stomach. He feels awful and is just laying around. Hopefully the girls willl not get this too.
I feel bad and hope no one at the library gets this. I would not have taken them if I knew this was going to happen.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just me and my Mommy

I got cancelled at work AGAIN today. I decided that it was time for the triplets to have one on one time with me. Spencer has had me all to himself several times, including one day last week when I was cancelled.
I chose Peyton to stay home with me today because she got up and immediately was whining about not wanting to go to school. She never does that, so I figured she could stay home with me. All day she kept asking if it was time to go and pick up Sydney and Caden? She obviosly missed them and is not used to being without them. She didn't get the part that it was HER day to have me all to herself. Or maybe I am boring. I thought it was too cute.
We went shopping for things for her soon to be redecorated bedroom. Then I let her choose where were were going to have lunch. Of all the places I offered, including Chuck E Cheeses and Incredible Pizza she chose Los Cucos.........what a sweet girl. She asked if we were going to pick the other two up for lunch so they could come too. She didn't care if poor Spencer came though. lol
The others were just fine with her staying home and them having to go to school. That surprised me, I figured they were just saying they were fine and then cry when it was time to leave them behind. They tell me they can hardly wait for their turn, lets see if they find me to be just as boring and want me to get the others.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seaworld AGAIN

We took the kids to Seaworld again this week for a couple of days. We just love the season passes.
We spent most of the time in their water park called "Lost Lagoon". They opened a new water slide with a double tube so the little ones could go down with us. They just loved that.
Spencer wanted to go alone on his and fell off the tube on the way down. Poor little guy was scared. I just wish Sydney would grow an inch - its getting harder and harder to sneak her past the ride attendants ;) You need to be 42 inches to ride most of the stuff and she is only 41. We even put cut up wash cloths in her shoes to make her taller. lol She just LOVES all the rides. Most of the time we can get her on too.
They also have big water slides that you need to be 48 inches to get on. They actually scared me the first time I went on them. So I did what any good mother would do....I took the triplets on them. The guys that were working at the top did not care how big the kids were. My friend Beth thought I was mean and didn't think they would go down the slide. I knew they would go down - at least ONCE. I figured if they were crying at the bottom then they would not go again (of course then I would feel awful for making them go down) . On the chance that they may like it though I wanted them to try it. I showed them the slide and they even had the chance to change their minds at the top. They came down with huge smiles and asked it they could go again. Whew!!!
The pictures are of them standing at the bottom of the water roller coaster getting wet. They just love that. Caden wanted to go on the roller coaster too which surprised me as he is scared of all of that. So I took him on and he cried when we went down the LITTLE hill. I then could hardly wait for the big hill. He was not as bad with that one as we got wet at the bottom. Of course every muscle in his little body was tensed up so tight on the way down. As soon as we stopped he asked to go again?? Who am I to say no, I love that ride. Well, he cried again and when it stopped he said he didn't want to go again this time. lol

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Their first workshop

It was Home Depots children's workshop day today. Bob was working overtime and Spencer really wanted to go. I figured I would just take everyone and let the little ones watch Spencer do his birdhouse. They are good natured and would not have been jealous. ( I don't know how I got that lucky) I explained that they were not old enough as you have to be 5 years old. When we got there LITTLE kids were doing the project - no more than three years old.
The kids ran up to the table where the kits were and the man said it was no problem and that they could do one too. They were thrilled and immediately grabbed their kits.
Of course that meant I had to aspire to be Bob Villa and try to help all four build a birdhouse at the same time and I had no idea how to do it myself.
They waited patiently and took turns while I helped each one ( after reading the instructions carefully.) Well, when I say patiently, there was no complaining..................they just nailed their birdhouse parts to the table a few times. The home depot guy asked if he could assist them and did a couple of times which helped tremendously or we would still be there trying to figure out how to put the roof on.
The little ones got their aprons and first pins. We came home and they had to call Daddy and tell him all about it. Then they wanted to put their newly constructed bird houses outside and wondered why the birds were not IMMEDIATELY making homes in them. (remember what I said about them being patient)
And yes, they are wearing the same shirts as yesterday. They really wanted to and I figured they didn't put them on until after suppertime yesterday so why not.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We had a great day today despite the fact that Bob worked. We swam all morning and then I tried to get everyone to have a nap as I knew we would be up late. No luck there though.
We had the traditional hotdogs and hangaburs (as Spencer calls them) for supper. We were going to have Mexican food (which I thought would have been hilarious), but decided we wanted more time to do crafts and play and not go get food.
We made tye die t-shirts to wear today.
The kids thought it really looked like fireworks too. Last night I wrapped the shirts with rubber bands and let them squirt the dye on them, not sure who had more fun with that, Bob or the kids?
I don't think the dye will ever come off my hands or from under my fingernails.
Then today I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed and then washed them to get the extra dye out.
They turned out pretty good I think. Then all 6 of us wore them to see the fireworks.
The kids were asking all day if it was time to go yet.
We sat in the back of the truck and watched the display all cozy on pillows and blankets. Then spent an HOUR trying to drive the 10 minutes back home in the traffic.
Once we got home we went out to the driveway to set off a few fireworks that Bob had bought. They had sparklers and silly string too and I am sure my neighbors were thrilled with the noise they made.

They JUST went to bed and instantly fell asleep.
Wouldn't it be nice if they stayed there until noon tomorrow :)