Friday, January 25, 2008

Brave boy

Spencer went to the dentist yesterday to have two of his baby teeth pulled out. I was way more worried about it than he was. He lost his two bottom teeth in the middle and his permanent teeth are coming in really crooked. The dentist said we should pull the ones on either side to allow his permanent teeth to come in straighter. Its kind of like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Just before the next two permanent teeth start to emerge we will pull the next two. He says he will still DEFINITELY need braces, but that this will help a lot. He has a little jaw like his Mama.
I am sure all four of them will have this too, I better start saving NOW!!!! Yikes!!

They put some numbing gel on his gums then injected freezing as well. He wore a little mask with nitrous oxide while we did it too. He really didn't need it, but I figured it couldn't hurt. He was not nervous in the least. He told me today that he had "fun" at the dentist..........I know - strange child! The only thing that bothered him was holding the gauze in his mouth for a little while until it stopped bleeding.
He said his lip felt fat afterwards from the freezing. It was hilarious to see him try to have a drink for the first time. I did NOT have the video camera on either. Can you believe it, me not video taping the kids. ;)

He drew a picture of the tooth fairy coming in his room and a picture of him at the dentist and wrote her a note to leave under his pillow. He wrote the note all by himself so I will translate. "Spencer T. I went to the dentist to get to pull my two teeth". We put both his teeth under the pillow too. Remember he lost his two teeth that fell out on their own.
She left him some new toothpaste and a $10 bill for each tooth. ( I know its a bit steep, but he was so good and brave to have them pulled)

His gums were a little sore this morning so the littles ones and I took him some shells and cheese and yogurt and surprised him at school for lunch. He was thrilled and his mouth didn't hurt anymore at all he told me. His teacher said he couldn't wait for journal time this morning so he could draw and picture and write about his teeth. He showed almost everyone his missing teeth.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bowling fun

We took the kids bowling today at Main Event. I think Bob and I needed the bumpers up when it was our turn too.
I haven't been bowling in years and we all really enjoyed it.
We managed to finish one and a half games in two hours. It would take 5 minutes for Peyton's ball to finally make it all the way down the lane to the pins. A few times it actually stopped before it made it there too and we had to go get it. Good thing the other kids are patient.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My little ballerinas

Sydney and Peyton started ballet today. They had a ball, Sydney told me "I had SO much fun dancing today" when they were done. They were just adorable in their little outfits too. The girls did everything their teacher asked them to, it was just too cute to watch them do their little poses and moves.
They kept looking over and me during class and flashing me their beautiful smiles. They just thought they were little princesses.

I wanted to put Caden in class with them, but he is so painfully shy there is no way he would have done anything with the parents watching. Maybe next time. Besides he is still not feeling up to par. He is a little better and has started eating some more so hopefully he will be back to his mischevious self soon.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tae Kwon Do

Spencer has starting taking Tae Kwan Do at the YMCA. He has been asking for about a year to take karate. As someone who has no clue about this sport - they are all the same and they offered this at the Y.
He really seems to enjoy it. It is my least favorite sport to watch so far though. The instructors are very strict with the kids and he doesn't seem to mind at all.
They learned how to do jump kicks today. Now lets just hope he does not come home and pratice these techniques on his brother and sisters.
He wants a uniform too, but I am not convinced he will stick with this so am not going to waste money. I told him when he finishes this class if he still wants to do it we will get him a uniform. He ran to me when class was done and asked if he could get a uniform now? I guess I should have been more specific about finishing this whole session of classes first. I will not dress him in dark green next time so he stands out so much though.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poor little Caden

Let the illnesses begin AGAIN!

Poor little Caden has not been feeling well for a few weeks now and I just figured he would get over it. (Thats the bad part about having an icu nurse for a Mommy) ;)
He was not just getting better and looked awful on Monday so I called and took him in. He also looked like he lost some weight. He weighed 40 pounds in July and only 41 now so I was right. He has mono!!! Its unusual for young kids to show symptoms, but leave it to him. He is just exhausted and has a VERY sore throat. He has already had it for about 3 weeks or so I am guessing, so should be getting more energy soon. Spencer has complained about being tired and having a sore throat on and off so I am sure he has it too. The girls seem fine, but may have it with no symtoms.........they way they are supposed to get it at this age.
The doctor wants to repeat blood work in a couple of weeks as his viral level is VERY high, more than normal.
When the lab tech drew his blood on Monday she got in the vein right away and then jerked the needle out and had to stick him again. He was not impressed and his tears were dripping down onto my arm. He was just crying quietly and saying "no more mommy, no more mommy". Just broke my heart. I have not told him he needs more blood work, we will just surprise him. No need for him to worry about it for two weeks.
The girls however, thought the whole thing was very cool. When the tech put the tube in her hand they were not impressed and informed her that they could not see the blood now. lol

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ice Skating

Its been a while since I posted, I have been working a bunch...yuk.
We took the kids ice skating last night after work. Caden was not feeling great so he tried it for just a little bit and then was done. Spencer thought it was really neat and enjoyed it. The girls just amazed me. We rented the little "ice walkers" that help them stand up. I took them around once and they were fine on their own. I could not even keep up with Peyton. They skated the whole two hours and wanted more.
I don't think Bob was able to let go of the wall the whole time he skated. lol
Sorry the pictures are so awful. I finally took my camera in to get fixed.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

I hope that everyone has a fantastic New Year and all your dreams come true.
My New Year's resolution is simple this year........I am going to take care of ME. When Mommy is happy everyone is happy. lol
We went to James and Queta's to ring in the New Year last night. Sydney and Caden fell asleep and didn't quite make it. We lit fireworks and had a ball.
The kids didn't get up until after 10am this morning. That was wonderful as they are usually up at 6am.