Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

We had take-out from our favorite restuarant Los Cucos today. Then we got the kids dressed and ready to trick or treat. The only problem was that the sun was still shining. We were a little eager to go.
We decided to take them to Spencer's old preschool for a fall festival they were having until it got dark. We spent about an hour there playing games and going down big blow up slides. We sent the kids through a big giant inflatable maze thing. No one came out so we waited and waited and waited and waited. Finally Bob had to go in to get them, they were all stuck at a big wall they had to climb. When they all eventually appeared we realized that Spencer lost the belt to his costume. Bob "gladly" went back in to the maze to find it. He found it, but when he came out he lost it again? Later when he was going to bed he discovered it IN his pants???
We came back home and the trick or treating commenced, they were so excited. Poor Sydney fell over a rock garden and smashed her little chin. It was pitch dark and candy goes flying everywhere and she is screaming "I'M BLEEDING!!!" I could hardly see her let alone the large quantities of blood I was sure was oozing out, judging from her panic. A nice lady from a house next door appeared with a flashlight so I could see. There was no blood, just big scrape on her chin. Once we picked up all the candy she miraculously recovered and was off for more trick or treating.
They know they can't have any candy while we are trick or treating and Sydney kept taking candy out of her bucket. When I reminded her that we had to wait until we got home to have some she informed me that she was not eating it, she was just kissing sweet.
We got home and Spencer was able to hand out some candy which he thought was tons of fun.
Then off to bed with the little ones. Now I could finally sit and watch some horror movies. Yeah right, I probably fell asleep before they did.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkins and cupcakes

We spent the day today decorating our small pumpkins we got from Old MacDonalds Farm yesterday and making cupcakes. We also scooped the guts out of our big pumpkins so they will be ready to carve on Halloween. I am working Monday and Tuesday so we had to do it today. The kids had a ball and so did I.

Maybe I can take a break at work tomorrow and rest up from all the stuff we have done this weekend.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


We went to Old MacDonalds Farm today with my local multiple's group. We just LOVE that place!! The kids went on pony rides, played in the sand, went on pony rides, played on various jungle gyms, went on pony rides, rode the train, went on pony rides, fed the animals AND went on pony rides. I am not sure who had more fun, them or me. Bob's brother James, his wife Queta and our neice Rebecca came with us too.

After we spent the whole day there we hurried home for our neighborhood "spooky festival". We went through the haunted woods and "zombies" grabbed the kids feet from under the bridge. Caden and Petyon were not amused, but Sydney and Spencer thought it was funny. Then we played some games and came home. I didn't have to yell at anyone even once to get back in their beds. They were exhausted!!!

Please click HERE to enjoy a photoshow of our day.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

What is this???

Well Peyton developed a rash yesterday, but just on her legs. I thought it may be a reaction to her antibiotics for her strep throat, but again, its only on her legs?
Caden has it too, but not nearly as bad.
Its very itchy and the benadryl gel makes it burn. Looks like hives to me.
We'll just wait and watch it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cute picture

Just had to post this picture of the triplets looking especially adorable, all looking at the camera and smiling.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkin patch

We took the kids to a pumpkin patch today and had a great time. I am still waiting for the day when they all sit where I tell them to and look at the camera and smile nicely -ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Thats not too much to ask is it??
We went on a hay ride while we were there and Peyton whined that the hay was poking her bum. ha

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Big boy and girl beds

I finally moved the triplets out of their cribs and into big beds. Considering they are almost 4 I think we did pretty good. I moved them in to single beds instead of toddler ones too. They were thrilled when they saw them and kept saying they were their big boy (and girl) beds. They kept kissing their beds and saying they loved them. Then once they were all set up and everyone had chosen their bed I pulled out their new sheets. Thomas the train for Caden, Cinderella for Peyton and The Little Mermaid for Sydney. That just totally made their day, they kissed the sheets too. The room actually looks bigger with the three beds in there than it did with the three cribs. They are all tucked in nice and cozy now and hopefully will stay for the night. Of course we didn't think of everything.........pillows. We had to give them three of our pillows so now Bob and I will have to fight for pillows tonight until we get some more.

And yes...the pictures suck. It takes really bad pictures with the flash lately. I think I have worn it out, I have no idea how that happened. I only take 100 pictures a day. ha
Any suggestions? I would like an slr, but not sure about the size? I also love to be able to take videos with my camera and slr's won't let you do that.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Donuts with Dad

Today was "donuts with Dad" at Spencer's school. Bob said there were tons of Dad's there too. I am still waiting for margaritas with Mom day!!!!
We didn't get the picture they took of Spencer and Bob yet, I will post it when I get it. Meanwhile here is a picture Bob took of him while they were eating.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

When will it end???

We are sick AGAIN!!!! We have been sick almost steady since Spencer started kindergarten. This time we all have strep throat. They have been sick all weekend and yesterday I broke down and took them to the doctor as they developed a rash. With the look of their throats and the rash I was sure it was strep, but wanted to make sure and knew they needed antibiotics. Sure enough it was. Spencer can go back to school tomorrow as long as he feels better, he misses his friends.Now I need to call my doctor and get some drugs for me. lol
I can't believe the kindergarten cooties are this bad!!!!!!

Then today the kids wanted grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch so I go out in the garage to get the sandwich maker. It of course is tangled in Bob's coffee maker and while I am trying to untangle it a can of carrots falls from chest high level and lands on my toe. I still have the sandwich maker in one hand and am trying to untangle it from the coffee pot, so I can't drop it. The kids are all standing there watching me so I can't even swear. I finally get it untangled and come in the house and slam the door (to make myself feel better - which it didn't do!). I rush into the livingroom so I can sit and tend to my poor toe. When I sit and look down I discover its bleeding REALLY BAD. Of course there is blood on the kitchen floor and livingroom rug and there is path all the way to the couch. Both boys are now crying because they see the blood. I can still see stars from how much it hurts too. Calgon please take me least until Bob gets home and I can take it out on him for leaving me the boobie trap. (or Bobby trap)
I will spare you the picture of my mangled toe. lol

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Garage sale anyone?!?

We tried having a last minute garage sale yesterday morning. We made $2...........yes $2. However, I left Bob to man the sale and went shopping myself and fared much better. I got some great deals and some toys even good enough to save for Christmas.
Today we were all playing in the front yard and trying to clean the garage a little while we were at it so the doors were opened. The kids had all their bikes and big car out and some extra toys. Four people stopped and asked if we were having a sale as they saw ALL the riding toys and wanted to buy some. I had to assure them that although the driveway and grass were covered in stuff it indeed was all ours and we just had a bunch of kids. lol
Where were these people yesterday.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Halloween everybody

We put up our halloween decorations this weekend and Peyton ran around the house with every new decoration she could find yelling "happy halloween everybody".
Their little faces just lit up when they saw all the decorations. Of course it took us twice as long to decorate with their help.
Caden insisted that ALL of the light up pumpkins be plugged in immediately.
I LOVE halloween, besides Christmas its my favorite holiday and always has been. We used to put up tons of decorations before we even had kids. I can still remember wishing for kids so badly and hoping we would be able to have big family halloweens. Well I got my wish plus more!!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Just me and my Daddy

Bob took Spencer to Home Depot today for a workshop for kids. They made a really cool fire truck crayon holder. I resisted the urge to veto Bob and take him myself as I think Daddy and son time is important. (I just sat home and sulked) lol
They do these workshops once a month for kids 5 and older. Too bad the little ones can't enjoy it yet. I hate to even say that as time is just flying by way to fast and before I know it they will be there too.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Look out Martha Stewart

I took the kids for a walk the other day and we collected all kinds of goodies so we could make a wreath for the front door. All fours kids decorated it, I manned the glue gun and they stuck everything where they wanted it. I think it turned out pretty good. We have hanging it on our front door for everyone to see as we are so proud of our work.