Sunday, February 19, 2006


We had the babies baptized today.
God Parents:
Peyton: Sharyon Darby and Kevin Gerger (John Darby as proxy)
Sydney: Jan and Steve Hartman
Caden: Beth Augustine and Shawn Gerger (James Tabor as proxy)
It went off smoothly and was really nice. Other than them wanting to run and play on the alter they were pretty well behaved.
They were just adorable in their little outfits. They were afraid of the photographer though as you can see. lol Spencer was too cute all dressed up as well.
We had everyone back to the house for hotdogs and hamburgers afterwards. The babies received wonderful keepsakes of the event from God parents and friends. We would like to thank them all VERY much!!!


Elizabeth said...

The kids look to freaking cute!!!! I love the little dresses the girls are wearing ( I am glad you picked the short dresses for them). Caden looks thrilled to be getting his picture taken---you would think he would be used to having a camera in his face :)

Elizabeth said...

that should be "too freaking cute"

Elizabeth said...

Spencer looks like a little model. Mind you I have heard it say that all people born on December 27th are the most beatiful of all :)

Sharyon said...

Must be true about Dec 27, my niece was born that day and she is quite the beauty.
Kim, I think you put it mildly. You forgot to mention that there were 12 other kids getting baptized at the same time and the church was packed.
15 kids at one sitting is more than I have ever heard of in all my years as a Catholic.