Friday, September 08, 2006

To the beach

I met Bob after work yesterday and we took the kids to the beach in Galveston. The weather was perfect and they had a BALL. We built sand castles and played in the water. The water was so warm. The kids made ugly faces when they got salt water in their mouths.
It was so nice not having to hang on to everyone constantly like last year. (We only went once last summer.) Spencer is the one who made me nervous and he is the good swimmer. The little ones had water wings on so I knew they would not go totally under and disappear. I would not have been able to see Spencer if he went under. (not exactly the clearest water like Hawaii ha ha ha).
Ok I know I am a paranoid mother. ha
We walked and searched for sea shells and ran in the water splashing the whole way. I can hardly wait to go back.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you know that the words mother and paranoid mean one and the same thing? You can't have one without the other. LOL
Love the pictures. You may have missed your calling. Photography could have been a natural for you - you get some of the best pictures of all of your family. These are going to be amazing for the kids to see when they grow up as you have them day by day in the process. Love, Sharyon

Anonymous said...

Sharyon is correct however have you considered that the kids will not recognize you without a camera as they think Mommy is an oval shaped face with a big square flashy eye. That display was very cool and it looks like a fabulous day BUT do you have any idea what kind of gross things live in that water. Sea critters are hideous!
Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day. I cannot believe that there were hardly any other people there that day. It was like having your own private beach.