Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NMBA - non motorized bicycle accident

Spent the Evening in the ER with Peyton. Caden ran over her with his bike. I told them they could have 5 more minutes then they had to come in to bed. She ran in front of him and he flattened her. I heard screaming and saw them in a pile. They were both screaming and I was saying "ssshhhhh". Then I looked down and saw blood on peyton's arm. It was immediately obvious she needed stitches. I brought her in and cleaned her up. She had really bad skinned knees and a cut under her arm too. Caden was still bawling about his little tiny cut on his elbow. Lol
6 stitches and three hours later and we are home. She was so brave, just a few silent tears when they froze it.

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