Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Slip and slide

The kids are having a ball with their latest toy. The dog liked it almost as much and layed in the cool water too. They don't quite have the knack of running and sliding down it, but that is not stopping them from enjoying it. Bob helped them by throwing them down the slide part into the water. They enjoyed it and were telling him it was their turn next. Spencer was helping me make the video and he chose the song, he LOVES it. lol


Anonymous said...

What a great find! One that the entire family can enjoy. I can see how much the dog loves it too.
Sitting at the end can keep the kids from sliding off.
I want to see Bob sliding on it though.

Sharon said...

OHHHH, I wish you'd brought that home, it looks like so much fun, the sliding , not the kid tossing!