Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vacation Bible School

ALL of the kids went to vacation bible school last week from 9am to noon. Caden was not sure what to think and I had to stay for a little while each day to make him more comfortable. Sydney and Peyton kept waving "bye-bye" at me and I had to keep telling them I was not leaving little social butterflies. lol
I didn't know what to do with myself with NO kids. I cleaned the car, grocery shopped, cleaned the house and then came to my senses. My last day, yesterday I rented a movie and sat on the couch and painted my toenails and watched tv. It was so nice to be alone in the house!!!!!
The kids really enjoyed it and made lots of cute crafts. Sydney and Spencer would dance and sing right along with the songs, it was so cute. Peyton would sway and Caden would have nothing to do with dancing.
They had a splash party yesterday and gave us lunch and then had inflatable water slides outside. The kids has a blast!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Syd dances better than the adults and with more spirit too.
I love that Caden just walked around aimlessly and it was so cute watching him do his own thing.
Spencer loved it and Peyton just sat and watched. Looks like a terrific program for them.
Can't believe it took you till the end of the week to realize that you could be vegging for a change. That would have been my FIRST thought and then do the chores.LOL
Love, Sharyon

Anonymous said...

I would be having a nervous breakdown watching the kids on the water slide. I do not know what I will do when Noah starts doing that. Looks like your guys had a ton of fun.



Anonymous said...

The next time you are alone in the house with no kids, call me and I will teach you how to RELAX!!!