Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bye bye

My friends left this morning to go back home. I worked all day, not sure what is worse - driving all day or working. ha ha ha
I have been friends with Elizabeth since we were 5 so we had lots to catch up on and lots of laughs. We had a ball and did tons of swimming. We would spend almost all summer in the pool at the park when we were growing up.

Now I will just have to look forward to her next visit. Of course we are leaving for Canada on Thursday so I will see her again in a couple of days.


Anonymous said...

Old friends are the best friends.
I love the Chuck E Cheese picture of the two of you. I think that is the neatest thing they have there as you can get this great souvenir of the visit for just one token. It's amazing that the likeness is always so good.
Love, S

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe our friendship has survived for 35 years!!!!! There may have been some rough patches but most of the times things were great. I had so much fun on my visit!! It sure is different now that we both have more 2 am swims, I do not think either of us could stay awake that late anymore :)