Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hiking on the bruce trail

Poor little Caden caught what Peyton had so he stayed home with Daddy and Grandpa while the rest of us headed out to Spencer Gorge/Webster's Falls Conservation Area. My sister Sharon, my two nephews Shawn and Kevin and Alex a friend of theirs who is just like family all went. We had a great time. We must have walked about 5 miles and the kids did great. They got some rides on the boys shoulders to help out with tired legs. It had a great waterfall you could climb under and then part of the Bruce Trail ran through it. It was a beautiful walk with some awesome views of the Hamilton escarpment. My oldest nephew Shawn was a nervous wreck with the kids, there were some pretty steep drops and very few siderails.....we held on tight. Kevin caught the kids about a million daddy long legs in their bug catchers which thrilled them to no end too.


Anonymous said...

That looked like such an awesome day!!! I cannot believe I had never even heard of that place and it is almost in my backyard.



Anonymous said...

What nature kids they are! The scenery is spectacular in that area and they just loved it. What a terrific adventure for them.
Love, Sharyon