Sunday, August 12, 2007

We're back

We made it back safe and sound last night. Bob will not stop calling me "speed racer" as I got a $200 speeding ticket in Tennessee. I could not believe it!!! My friends have been telling me that its a good thing that I got the ticket and not Bob as I would have never let him live it down and implied that I would have ranted and raved forever. I can't imagine that, I would have been very sympathetic and reassured him that is was ok................NOT!!
Poor girls got bitten by fire ants at our first stop in Texas......welcome home. Peyton got it really bad and has about 30 bites on her hands and feet. Sydney just got a couple on one toe. The fact that they just stood in the ants screaming while they were being bitten did not help!!! Peyton was up whining most of the night that she was itchy. I slathered her in benadryl gel with little success.
We were looking forward to jumping in the pool today, but its a little murky from being neglected for three weeks. Makes me long for the clean ice cold pool water in Canada. ha

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Anonymous said...

Glad you guys made it back safely and soundly.
What a mean cop! giving you a ticket with all those little kids in the back of the car wasn't very nice of him!
You would have thought you were going like 19 miles over the limit or something! LOL
L, S