Friday, August 10, 2007


We stayed up until after 1am last night playing nintendo wii. Then we got up and had to start our drive home from Canada. We have played it a bunch while we've been home. I MUST have one of these. Its the coolest video game I have ever played. There is a game where you have to spin a cow around and throw him, its my all time favorite. Its called Rayman Raving Rabbids. There is even a mario board game you can play.

It is HILARIOUS to watch everyone play, I am sure I don't look like them though - I am much cooler. lol
I will spare you all the videos of us acting like morons.
I may have to buy a wii for Bob for Christmas. ha

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Anonymous said...

If you think that one has funny moves, you should see the one that makes you do simple moves - it is hysterical. I had very little instruction and looked like a total idiot. L,S