Saturday, September 08, 2007

My toothless baby

Well its happened..........Spencer has lost his first tooth. He lost it at school yesterday during lunch. He noticed blood on his sandwich and then couldn't find it. mmm mmm good.
He looks so cute with the little space too. He was very upset that he lost the tooth and was convinced the tooth fairy would not come now. I assured him that she knew it fell out. He drew a picture of his missing tooth and cut it out and then had to draw a picture of himself with all his teeth to make sure the tooth fairy knew it was his.
He carefully placed it under his pillow before he went to bed.
Being the obsessive Mom that I am, I had to search online for a tooth fairy certificate and gave him two five dollar bills and two quarters all covered in gold fairy dust and placed them under his pillow with the certificate. Bob was sure he was going to aspirate on the fairy dust.
He got up in the morning and came running in to my room telling me the tooth fairy had indeed not come!!!! We went back to his room and looked under his pillow and he was thrilled!!!
He wanted to know if she was going to bring him that much money for every tooth. I think the tooth fairy would have to mortgage her wand if she did.


Anonymous said...

Tooth Fairy Certificate???? Only at the Tabors!
Whoa! And $10 and 2 quarters - You guys have the best Tooth Fairy ever. I think our Tooth Fairy was very stingy.
And when the triplets all loose their first tooth - I hope the Tooth Fairy has a good bank account - She will need it. Let's see 6 - five dollar bills and 6 quarters. Start saving Fairy!

Maryann said...

Wow! a Certificate and everything. That is one cool tooth fairy. :)