Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We took the kids to the Thanksgiving parade yesterday, along with about a zillion other people. They really liked the ponies dressed up in clothes and the giant Sponge Bob balloon.
We went over to Bob's brother's for supper and it was delicious.

This morning Bob got up and headed to Walmart along with the entire population of Houston, or so it seemed. He got there at 3:30 and was waiting by the leapsters. The sale didn't start until 5am. He said that about 4:55 a ton of people showed up and tried to get in front of everyone. Then they all hear a ruckus and turn and a few women are rushing at the pallats of games and tearing in to the plastic. (They are wrapped in plastic and the employee is supposed to cut it off at 5am)
When this happens everyone starts to tear the plastic off. He bent down to grab the games and someone from behind pushes him forward and he lands on the pallat.

Fortunately on his way down he grabbed 3, he even got the right colors. Then one of the other games we wanted fell on his head so he even got that. He said they were all gone in about 5 seconds. I am so glad he was the one to go and not me. lol No one got hurt he said, but I don't know how.
The kids better LOVE these games when they get them. lol
I just wish I had been there with a video camera.

Here is Spencer's Thanksgiving placemat he made at school. He traced his own hands and feet and cut them out and glued them. He colored the rhyming words the same color on the poem.

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Anonymous said...

Bob will never venture out on Black Friday again after his incidents with the maniac women.
You know a Wal Mart employee was trampeled at a store in NY and died.
Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving. Spencer's placement is great.