Monday, December 01, 2008

The princess room

We FINALLY painted the girls room this weekend. They absolutely love it. The ceiling is purple and the walls are pink. We set up their beds and called them in to look. They were thrilled. The boys had a "sleep over" and stayed in their room last night too. Peyton is in a loft bed and loves it. Bob is terrified and certain she is going to fall out. She has been in the same bed for over a year now and hasn't fallen out yet. I just hope we don't regret letting her sleep up there.Caden insisted on sleeping up there with her. He now wants to move back in with the girls and says they won't talk and keep him awake. lol
Sydney has a princess canopy over her bed and loves it. They have a desk area under the loft bed and have their crayons all set up.
I am not done yet, but the final touches will have to wait until after Christmas and birthdays.


Anonymous said...

The room looks beautiful. I can see why the girls love it so much.
Kim, I have to give it to you, you get the most done for the least amount of money. What a bargain girl you are.
You did a terrific job on this Princess room - what more could a little girl ask for?
Love, S

Anonymous said...

I want a princess room!!! Do you think Ronald would mind?