Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Peyton's boo boo

Well Peyton has officially broken her leg. She broke her tibia (the big shin bone) near her ankle. She is in a cast for about 3 weeks and we will get another x-ray and hopefully it can come off. She was a trooper yesterday. We spent from 11am until almost 6pm in the medical center seeing dr's and getting x-rays. She was so good considering if was right in the middle of nap time.
She now has a hot pink cast up to her knee. She will still not walk on it. She started crawling a little today to get around, but everytime she puts any weight on it she yells "owww".
Really doesn't seem to bother her unless she tries to stand. She keeps wanting down so I put her down and she immediately says "up me!!!" She is going to get sick of sitting on her butt soon.


Sharon said...

Your gonna get sick of UP ME-ing her before she gets sick of sitting on her butt! Hot looking cast! Poor baby.

Elizabeth said...

Poor little baby :( The pink cast is pretty cool. At first I thought it was just a cover they put on it (like a footless sock). Pretty cool that they can make the cast any colour. She looks content even with the cast.....so I guess I will not report you to the authorities :)