Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The vomitorium

Caden has been so sick!!! He got rotovirus from the children's museum on Thursday night I think. He started on Friday with vomitting at least every 5 to 10 minutes for the entire night. Needless to say I had to call in sick all weekend.
I talked to his pediatrician on Monday who said that he should be admitted to the hospital for IV fluids, but he knew how hard that would be for me with the other kids. We agreed to try forcing gatoraid in him with a syringe since he would NOT drink it. That went over really well........I am sure the neighbours thought I was killing him with the screams. At least it helped a bit and his mouth was not dry. He couldn't even wet his little lips before that his mouth was so dry.
Whenever he would throw up he would look at me all pathetic and say "sorry mommy". Broke my heart to see him like this.
He is still sick, but getting better slowly every day.
This is very contagious and I am just hoping that the other kids don't catch it or I am moving far away from the city of poopopolous!!!!
My whole house is going to need to be steam cleaned when we are done. It was so bad, I had resorted to wearing Bob's shorts on Sunday as he had pooped or puked on all my clothes!


Elizabeth said...

The poor little guy looks awful :(
I hope he is on the road to recovery. My fingers are crossed in hopes that the other kidlets do not get it.


Sharon said...

Poor little guy!

Wendi tq2003 said...

Oh...Such great news he is getting better!!


Wendi tq 2003 said...


I hope Caden is feeling much better now!! Glad to hear he is slowly on the mend.


Sharyon said...

Kim, I almost cried when I saw Caden. It breaks my heart, I can only imagine what it is doing to you. I wish that stuff wasn't so contagious because I would be there to give him and you a hug. Plus the rest of the guys too. I can't believe that all of this ishappening at one time. Broken leg and virus (the worst kind).
Poor baby, he did look a little better when I saw him the other day - at least he smiled.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
I am going with Annamaria today to take the kids to the doctor. Both have to get shots and Keith can't go with her because of school. \
I thought of you taking all 4 of them by yourself at one time for shots - girl, you deserve the mother of the year award. I really admire all that you can handle at one time with those kids. Just goes to show you that you aren't one of those whinny moms from the Woodlands who has to have nannies for every move she makes - even when they take just one kid to McDonalds to have fun. They have no idea what it is really like to be a Mom.
My love to all of you, Miss you all lots, Sharyon

Adriana tq 2003 said...


That is great news that he is getting better! Continuing to pray for your sweet boy.


Stephanie tq 2003 said...

That is good news Kim!! I hope he gets rid of what
ever he has had soon, and feels better quickly.


Colleen tq 2003 said...

I was praying for him on the way to work tonight. So glad to hear
that he is recovering AND not in the hospital!


Annie tq 2003 said...

Kim -
These little ones are so much stronger than we could ever imagine, huh?? My Sebastian has also been fighting a stomach virus (thanks to me, I think) for many days so I am right there with you in the trenches...
GREAT to hear a good update!!

Maryann tq 2003 said...

Oh gosh, poor little Caden. I feel so bad for him (and you), and
the fact he felt he had to say sorry, oh, what a cutie. I do hope
he continues to get better, and quickly. I will pray for you that
the others, and you for that matter, don't get sick as well. Hang
in there.


Adriana tq 2003 said...

Hi Kim,

I have missed soooo many emails that it seems overwhelming to catch
up, but I couldn't log off without responding to yours. I am so glad
to hear that Caden is doing better, but will keep praying for him
that he has a full and speedy recovery. Poor baby!!! I know how hard
all this must be on you. I will pray that he is feeling much better
tomorrow. Please keep us posted.


Colleen tq 2003 said...

OH Kim,
this is breaking my heart!


Colleen tq 2003 said...

Hi Kim,
I am so sorry to hear about Caden. I dont know much about that
virus. I will be praying for him. I hope to see a post that he is
doing better or a least to see what your doctor said.

I know he is in good hands!


Jane tq 2003 said...

Oh, Kim! I probably err too much on the other side and take my little ones in too quickly, but lethargy and sunken eyes really frighten me for him. I think I would say to take him in and do whatever you/DH have to do to make that happen. It sounds to me like he may need IV fluids for dehydration, but you're a nurse so surely you know best.

Whatever you decide, I'm keeping him in my prayers. Please let us know how he is doing when you can.

If you decide not to take him in, what about a washcloth dipped in cold water to suck on? It seems like there's something in the back of my head that I've heard something like that before.



Linda tq 2003 said...

Kim, how is Caden? I don't think I 've seen a new post so am hoping
you did not have to admit him & that he is doing much better.

linda deutz haugen
mommy to lukas, truman, isaac & estelle
Born 11/15/00, 9/16/03, 9/16/03 & 9/16/03

Linda tq 2003 said...

Hang in there dear Kim! I can't believe he sad "sorry Mommy." Trust
your instincts to know when to take him in. I will pray the rest of
the gang will be extra sweet!

linda deutz haugen
mommy to lukas, truman, isaac & estelle
Born 11/15/00, 9/16/03, 9/16/03 & 9/16/03

Amy tq 2003 said...

Kim- I'm happy to hear Caden is doing better today. It is always nice to avoid a hospital stay. Poor little guy apologized for being sick. That would have broken my heart. :(


Robin tq 2003 said...

Glad to hear there is some improvement this afternoon for Caden. Hope he continues to get better.