Thursday, April 06, 2006

Swimming in the ice water.......well not quite

Spencer went swimming today for the first time this year. The water was only 77 degrees. I was hoping he remembered how to swim from last year as I certainly did not want to jump in to save him. (what a good mommy huh lol) I won't get in until its at least 85 degrees.
He jumped in and came up with a look of total shock and told me the water was cold. That did not stop him however from swimming for about 30 minutes. The babies missed out as they were napping. Yes he is wearing his underwear. His bathing suit was in the babies room.
I just love kids and how they get such enjoyment out of the little things.


Sharon said...

If I can get my pool up to 77 degrees I am happy!!! It's about 30 degrees right now (fahrenheit)!

Elizabeth said...

I love Spencer's mid air pose....he looks like he can hardly wait to hit the water.