Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Its freezing

Its been really cold down here in Texas and last night and today we have had freezing rain and sleet. The temperature has been below freezing and in the 20's with the wind chill.

We got up this morning to a layer of ice on everything. We let the kids go out and scrape my car with an ice scraper I still had from my days in Canada (not sure why I still had it?) They thought it was fun, but were complaining of cold hands.
We stayed in where it was safe and snuggled by the fire.


Anonymous said...

It was really cold and icy - I didn't even walk yesterday.
Did that ice make you miss your Canadian winters?
L, S

Kim said...

Not even a little bit!!!

Anonymous said...

The shame.........Texas has wimpified you. What happened to that tough, Canadian blood that got you through soooo many cold, bitter Winters????



Anonymous said...

Every time I open the blog and see you and the kids cuddled up on the sofa I think - How lucky you are - it just doesn't get any better than that! Love, S

Anonymous said...

I want to move to Texas where a little bit of freezing drizzle makes the national news! Find me a nice warm job and a chair under a palm tree for my evenings and i will be right there! I wouldn't miss winter at all! Well, I actually am not terribly fond of hot, sweatly sticky days either. What I need is a part time job , I will spend the winters there and the summers here. That would be perfect! You and the kids look so cozy!