Sunday, January 21, 2007

We're potty trained!!!

We have been potty training since last Saturday and they have done really well. They have been ready for ages, but Mommy was the hold out. I HATE potty training and would rather they trained themselves when they moved away to college. That said, they are done and it was relatively painless :)

Sydney took only three days, Peyton four days and Caden six days and they have had no accidents since. We started with potty chairs and moved to the big toilet within a couple of days. I don't even have to remind them now, they know when to go. I didn't use any rewards like candy or stickers as then I would have to train them not to expect that. They are too funny, whenever they poop they have to make you come and look and then proceed to tell you what type of animal it looks like.
They are so proud of themselves when they go on the potty. We have done many poopy and pee on the potty dances too.
Now we just need to contend with visiting EVERY bathroom in Houston when we go out.


Texas Matushka said...

I'm sending G over, OK?

Anonymous said...

I was just like that - had to check out every potty any time I was in a new place. If it didn't meet up to my standards, I would never even sit on it. I still do that! LOL.
Well, I have heard of kids looking at clouds and picking out animals that they see. Your kids give a new meaning to animals shapes by finding them in poop. I just roared when I read that. I made John come and read this and he just rolled his eyes and laughed too. I believe they are bringing their imagination to a new level!! Way to go kids!!!
Priceless picture! That could make a magazine article. They could be potty celebs! LOL.
Love to you guys from Orlando,
Sharyon and John

Anonymous said...

John wants to know how long did it take you to train bob?
Only a guy would come up with that.
We are back! Love, S & J

Maryann said...

Wow! I'm so jealous! And in such a short time. You need to tell me your secret!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, when we are down visiting this summer you can train Noah. Right??? One should be a breeze..............

Glad to see that all went well. What do you plan on doing with all the money you will save on diapers? Perhaps a new extension on the house??



Anonymous said...

They need to get over the poop animal thing before you bring them home this summer! I just can't see Shawn checking out the shapes with them.