Friday, January 26, 2007

To stand or not to stand???

Caden decided a few days ago that he was going to stand and pee. I was hoping that would not come for a while yet. Now when he hears a noise or you say something he will turn to look and just keeps peeing.
Sydney thinks thats its pretty cool to be able to stand and pee and wants to do it too. We keep having talks about how only boys can pee standing up because boys have penises and girls have vaginas. She was not happy with that and told me that she does not have a vagina and she has a penis too. Now they get into conversations amongst themselves about who has a penis and who has a vagina, its HILARIOUS!! I have caught her standing a couple of times, but so far she hasn't peed on herself. lol
Gotta love kids.
By the way.........still NO accidents. They are even waking up from naps and in the morning dry sometimes.


Anonymous said...

The flower is hilarious!!!! I cannot imagine having to deal with little boys and their "hose". I guess I will have to prepare myself for many pee soaked floors :)

By the way, I think Sydney is going to be your little women's libber :)




Wendi said...

You are my hero!!! I bow down to you...!!! Now come over and train my guys :)

Anonymous said...

I totally love that picture - especially the flower. You have quite the imagination.
Went through that with Kayla when her little friend Alex peed on the tree one day at our house.(she was 4 and he was 3) Only she tried it too and was hysterical when it rolled down her legs and wet her shoes and socks. (she didn't have a brother to compare with). Of course we moms laughed so hard we almost peed on ourselves-it was so funny. We didn't use the technical terms - I think we said something like boys can aim and girls can't. She wasn't happy with that answer at all. She wanted an AIMER. LOL You are so right - You gotta love kids.
Love, S