Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dime store cowboy

It was western day at Spencer's preschool today. I managed to find some stuff around the house to make him look kind of like a cowboy. The boots are hand-me-downs and are about 3 sizes too big, but he didn't mind. He is still wearing the get up and loves it.


Anonymous said...

That came out really cute. And I love to see something done when it is the bargain outfit of the day.
Heck, you can use those boots a couple more years during the Rodeo weeks at school. They always seem to run a theme day during this time. You go guy!
Love, S

Anonymous said...

Well howdy pard-ner. I just need to say that this here town ain't big enough for the 2 of us. So I am going to count to ten and if you are still in town I am going to come over and tickle you until you say...........CANADA ROCKS!!!!

You look adorable Spencer---and I am not just saying that because your mommy is psycho when it comes to tracking down those of us who fail to leave a comment :)



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