Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mardi Gras

We took the kids to Galveston for Mardi Gras today. We watched two parades, an animal parade and then the children's parade. I was hoping they would each get one bead necklace so they wouldn't feel bad......we ended up with over two hundred necklaces, bracelets and toys. They had a blast. Spencer got right into it jumping and yelling "beads please". Peyton would yell in her best exorcism voice "don't touch my beads!!!!" if anyone would dare to touch a necklace that she saw land. Didn't matter where it landed, it was HERS if she saw it. We had some awesome kids beside us that were helping mine gather beads, it was so nice of them and I hope my kids can be as nice when they get older!!!
After the parades we went on the Bolivar ferry in Galveston. The kids loved that too, we even saw a carnival cruise ship.
It was just a perfect day!


Anonymous said...

Boy, did those pictures bring back some great memories of our Mardi Gras days when the kids were little. We had a wooden seat, however, attached to a ladder so they could sit high and see what was going on and catch beads. At points, there would be lines of ladders lining the roads - you would have to see it to actually believe it. In our area, the crowds were unreal - like 4-5 deep. In the downtown area for the big parades, it would literally be 10 deep at some points. You have never seen pushing and fighting for beads like the little old ladies who would step on your hand if you went to pick up a doubloon. LOL Peyton could give them a run for their money.
Hope this is the first of your Galveston Mardi Gras parades to remember. Love, Sharyon & John

Elizabeth said...

Cool beads :)

It is too bad the kids got hardly any to wear ;)