Wednesday, February 07, 2007

To all my chilly northern na na na boo boo!!!!

Its was over 80 degrees warmer here yesterday than where my Sister Sharon is in Canada.
We were out riding big wheel tricycles in short sleeves and were comfortable. We went to the zoo too and had a ball, we were even HOT walking around. People always ask me how I stand the heat down here and my answer is............"I don't have to shovel the heat".
I had all the windows opened, it was gorgeous!!!
I am so glad we are getting some nice weather, I hate the cold. (even though our cold here is nothing to complain about)
I hope everyone stays warm and that summer comes to everyone soon!!!!

My sister
in the snow


Wendi said...

And I thought you were my friend...Rub it in why don't you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

We may be chilly but at least we can function in the heat of OUR summers :) Besides, without the snow how would we be able to track Santa's reindeer's hoof prints???



PS: Not sure if we should go tubing or sledding this many options when you have so much snow :)

Anonymous said...

Tubing or sledding Liz? Are you insane? Stick your arm out the door, it's FREEZING out there today! I need it at least another 10 degrees warmer before I attempt outdoor playing. When Kim called and asked me to take that picture and send it to her, it was actually about 7 or 8 degrees warmer than the day before so i had the brilliant idea (actually she did and I LISTENED!) to stick the thermometer in the freezer for a half hour then get a shot of me holding it. That didn't work out so well as the temerature on the thermometer went up about 5 degrees in the half hour it spent in the freezer. Does that give you Texans an idea of how cold it is here? Kim wanted me to make a snowball and get a shot of me throwing it. Kim has forgotten that when it's this cold the snow doesn't pack, it's just powdery, I did try though, wihout my mittens and my fingers nearly snapped off! She also wanted me to lay in the front yard and make snow angels! I can't stop giggling over that one. 50 years old making snow angels in the yard, the neighbors would have called the nut house!

Love Sharon

Sharon said...

Is your sister a fashion model?

Anonymous said... I know where I saw your sister. She IS a model!!! Isn't she the chick who does the "before" shots in all of those before and after ads???


Liz (evil ain't I???)

Anonymous said...

Yikes, it's supposed to be 25 degrees in this general area tonight. No short sleeves!
But I guess it is still a lot warmer here than in your old stomping ground.
Hope Liz realizes that it will be summer when she comes to visit you in June and July. But then our summers are so mild and dry! LOL
Your Canadian friends and family are a hoot! Love, S