Thursday, March 08, 2007

Rodeo time

We took the kids to the Rodeo yesterday and they had a ball.
We wandered through the children's area and saw all the animals. They enjoyed the petting zoo and even saw a kangaroo.
Spencer, Sydney and Peyton volunteered to play tambourine with a singer and did really well. They were all very proud of themselves and I thought they were just too cute!!!!
We also saw the pig races and Spencer was our sections cheer leader and our pig won. He got a prize too, a little pig key chain that looks like its pooping when you squeeze it. YUK
We did the midway after supper and the little ones were just running around saying "mommy look at this". We took them on a couple big rides and they did well. Caden did not enjoy the water roller coaster thing though. Halfway down the big hill he was yelling "all done, all done". I was thinking the same thing myself. ha
They all fell asleep on the way home and barely woke up to get changed and in to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another wonderful Tabor Family Outing! Keep enjoying all these outings with your family as they grow up way too fast.
I guarantee they will remember these moments and talk about them all the time when they grow up. It will make for great conversations at the dinner table when they are older as you pick out the funnies of each event.
Love, S