Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy birthday Daddy

We spent the whole day together today to celebrate. The kids all made him homemade cards and helped to wrap and unwrap his present. The kids decided that Daddy needed to go to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate. We had a pizza lunch and played some games. We let Daddy pick where he wanted supper so we went to Los Cucos, our favorite Mexican restaurant.
Spencer made sure that the waiter knew it was his Dad's birthday so they would sing happy birthday and smear whipped cream in his face, while weraing a sombrero. That was the highlight of the day for Bob.
We came home and had cake and ice cream and sang happy birthday again. The kids were just thrilled with the candles on the cake.......yes all 43 of them. Caden wanted to light them again and again.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Bob I love the sombrero look. It suits him to a tee!
Glad you guys had a good time.
I heard that the fire department went to your house to help put out all those candles!