Friday, November 16, 2007

Big feast

I went to Spencer's Thanksgiving "feast" at school today. He chose to be a pilgrim. The kids all sang two songs about turkeys and I don't have any sound on my camera!!!! I am hoping to get a good digital video camera at day after Thanksgiving sales. It was nice to be able to concentrate on just Spencer as the little ones were in daycare.

Bob was pulling in to the daycare parking lot Tuesday and Sydney threw up all over the back of his truck. Needless to say he just turned around and came home. I was already at work so he was on his own. Sydney keeps telling me she "puked in Daddy's car". Bob taught her that, isn't it sweet...NOT. He was home with them while I worked so I was able to drop them off at the daycare on a day that I was not working.

I was going to go for Spencer's little Thanksgiving party and then come home ALL ALONE!!!His teacher had told them that they could leave after the party if they wanted. (Is she NUTS, she obviosly had no kids and lots of time to be ALONE!!!)I tried to convince Spencer that he had to stay, but he looked at me with those sad eyes and was just pathetic. Plans changed and I decided I would spend the whole afternoon with just Spencer. He never gets Mommy all to himself. We went to the dollar store and he picked out a toy he wanted, we shopped at couple nearby stores looking for a comforter for his bed with a space theme. (He decided that he wanted this theme and I can't find one!!!) Then we went to Bennigams for a yummy dessert. We finished our afternoon by going to the movies and saw Ratatouille.We had a wonderful day and he thoroughly enjoyed having Mommy all to himself. Almost as much as Mommy enjoyed having him all to herself.Now I just need to stop feeling guilty that we did this and left the little ones at the daycare!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a MOM!!! You made one little sad eyed son very happy by giving him a day to himself with you. Sure was better than spending time alone and relaxing and eating all those bon bons. LOL
Love, S