Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fun in the snow

We took the kids into Oklahoma City today to play in the snow....ok so it was fake snow. They had a big pile of it for the kids to throw snowballs and build snowmen. It was too slushy for snowmen and not great packing snow as the temperature was above freezing.
They did have a huge hill for sliding on inner tubes. I didn't think the little ones would go down alone and I wasn't allowed to take them on a sled with me, so Spencer was the one who got to go.
I wasn't sure he would go either as it was a pretty big hill, he LOVED it. My neice Rebecca and him went down the hill for an hour and a half. We stood at the bottom and cheered them on. Bob got to carry his innertube up the stairs a million times.
Afterwards we stopped at some MORE Christmas lights and they kids were equally excited as they were the other night.
We didn't walk around this time as everyone was SOAKED from playing in the snow. One of these days I will have to take them home to Canada in the winter for some real snow.

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Anonymous said...

Those kids may never want to come back to hot old Texas if you take them to Canada during the winter and see all that real stuff.
Love, S