Sunday, November 11, 2007

Children's festival

We took the kids to the Children's festival this weekend. We have never been before and it was GREAT. We got free tickets from our summer reading program at the library so that made it even nicer.
They had games and crafts and shows - you name it.
We could hardly carry all the crafts the kids made, they LOVE crafts.
We will definitley be there again next year.
Bob's brother and his family met us there too.


Anonymous said...

The last Children's Festival that I was at it was pouring and they had to cut so many of the events.
I do remember making those hats when I was on the volunteering side. That was probably just before your babies were even born.
Love, S

Pat Blair said...

The Children's Festival I am involved with is in Oregon. We have had a Festival every summer for the past 41 years.

Check out this google blog to see the historical side of the Children's Festival there.

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