Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy birthday Spencer

My baby is 6, I can't believe how fast time is going.

We had a wonderful day today and Spencer got to pick what we did ALL day. That was the best present we could have given him. ha
We went to Pump It Up for open play in the morning. We played hard for the whole hour and a half. I can hardly move now though. I guess I am too old to be climbing through obstacle courses and behaving like a six year old. I feel like one though.......well actually I feel like someone ran over me with a truck right now. Maybe I should act my age, but that would be NO fun.
Then we went to feed the ducks and play in the playground at the park. Spencer got to pick where his birthday lunch would be and picked Olive Garden, totally surprised me. I figured we would be eating at Incredible Pizza for sure. We called and invited James, Queta and Rebecca to come with us and had a great lunch. The waiters sang to him for his birthday and embarrassed him, but I think he kind of enjoyed being the center of attention a little too. Then we came home for his birthday cookie and presents. Our good friends Sharyon and John and their daughter Kayla came over to give the kids all their birthday and Christmas presents. They thoroughly enjoyed that too.
Afterwards we rushed out the door to lazer tag. The little ones stayed out in the waiting area with me and played air hockey while we waited for Spencer and Dad to play. Spencer has been wanting to play for a while now and thought it was the coolest thing.
By this time lunch had worn off so we went to Wendys for "hangaburs" as Spencer calls them. Then home to bed. He told me it was the "best birthday ever!" I am so glad he enjoyed it so much.

Spencer, I can't believe how much you have grown up. You inspire me everday and I am in awe of how smart you are. You are reading very well already and learning so much everyday.
You are the sweetest little boy I know and are always trying to please everyone. You don't want anyone to be sad and try to fix it if they are. You have such a zest for life and enjoy every moment.
You are so cuddly, even at six and are always giving hugs and kisses. I truly enjoy spending time with you , we have so much fun!!!!
I hope this year brings you nothing but smiles and laughs!! I love you little man!!!!

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