Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve

We have been busy making cookies from scratch and the kids have loved every minute of it. They have eaten almost as many cookies as we have made.
We decorated our gingerbread house and train, went to see some Christmas lights and then came home to get ready for Santa.

We wrote letters to Santa to put in our stockings and left him some of our cookies and some milk. Then we had to take "magic reindeer food" that Spencer made and water for the reindeer outside. They wanted to give them carrots too and the only ones I had were for supper Christmas day. Who am I to deprive the poor little reindeer. As soon as the kids were in bed I rushed out to rescue my carrots and washed them off. Do you think Martha Stewart would approve? ha ha ha

I am attaching my Christmas card as none of you actually have one in your hands. I JUST finished it on the 23rd. Really I am going to mail them out too. lol Every year I say I am going to make them earlier and I never do...sigh!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful night and dreams of sugarplums dancing in your heads.


Anonymous said...

That was a great job on the gingerbread stuff - came out really terrific. And all the baking looked great too.
Remind me never to eat carrots at your house. Just can't tell where they have previously been.
LOL, Love, S

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention how much I loved the Christmas card - you outdo yourself each and every year. But of course you have the most photogenic kids I have ever seen. They are always ready for a pose.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous Christmas Eve, I wish I had been there!!
Love, Sharon