Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Huge boo boo

Poor little Peyton seems to have gotten the worse part of the injuries from last night's fiasco. I thought it was Sydney who had it bad.
Peyton's lip is HUGE and black inside. I called the Dr. and the dentist this morning and they tell me there is nothing they can do even if her teeth fall out, since its so swollen we need to wait. I certainly hope her teeth don't fall out!!! They are not loose or anything so I am hoping. The dentist did tell me they may turn grey from the injury, that just breaks my heart. I feel so bad for her. She can hardly eat and is VERY pathetic when she tries to smile.
The inside of her lip, gums and roof of her mouth are black bruised and very sore looking.
No one slept last night either. Peyton got up about an hour after going to bed because her mouth hurt. I tried to feed her a popscicle, but she didn't want it. It was already swelling, the bruising didn't show up until today though.
Sydney then decided to get up and complain about her head, which was fine!! Then Caden sensing he was alone in his room got up too. I got NO sleep then and Sydney peed in my bed too!! sigh :(
We are giving both girls motrin today. I just hope that makes some of Peyton's swelling go down.
I am trying to feed Peyton soft food as it hurts too much for her to eat anything else. I would do anything to take this from her!!!!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!!! I cannot believe how badly they were both hurt. It must have been insane there last night. I hope everything goes well and that the girls are feeling better soon.



Wendi said...

Hopefully it will be a very speedy recovery for both girls, Daddy's mouth, and your sanity!!!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about worrying, especially when it comes to teeth. I lost one of my front teeth in high school and have had several procedures done to get the smile I have today. I'm terrified that one of our trio is going break a tooth - between me being accident prone and Chad's rough and tumble youth - I'm sure it's only a matter of time.....Well, I hope Peyton teeth hang in there (no pun intended) until they are supposed to come out! Chin up Mom.

Connie TQ 2003