Friday, January 25, 2008

Brave boy

Spencer went to the dentist yesterday to have two of his baby teeth pulled out. I was way more worried about it than he was. He lost his two bottom teeth in the middle and his permanent teeth are coming in really crooked. The dentist said we should pull the ones on either side to allow his permanent teeth to come in straighter. Its kind of like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Just before the next two permanent teeth start to emerge we will pull the next two. He says he will still DEFINITELY need braces, but that this will help a lot. He has a little jaw like his Mama.
I am sure all four of them will have this too, I better start saving NOW!!!! Yikes!!

They put some numbing gel on his gums then injected freezing as well. He wore a little mask with nitrous oxide while we did it too. He really didn't need it, but I figured it couldn't hurt. He was not nervous in the least. He told me today that he had "fun" at the dentist..........I know - strange child! The only thing that bothered him was holding the gauze in his mouth for a little while until it stopped bleeding.
He said his lip felt fat afterwards from the freezing. It was hilarious to see him try to have a drink for the first time. I did NOT have the video camera on either. Can you believe it, me not video taping the kids. ;)

He drew a picture of the tooth fairy coming in his room and a picture of him at the dentist and wrote her a note to leave under his pillow. He wrote the note all by himself so I will translate. "Spencer T. I went to the dentist to get to pull my two teeth". We put both his teeth under the pillow too. Remember he lost his two teeth that fell out on their own.
She left him some new toothpaste and a $10 bill for each tooth. ( I know its a bit steep, but he was so good and brave to have them pulled)

His gums were a little sore this morning so the littles ones and I took him some shells and cheese and yogurt and surprised him at school for lunch. He was thrilled and his mouth didn't hurt anymore at all he told me. His teacher said he couldn't wait for journal time this morning so he could draw and picture and write about his teeth. He showed almost everyone his missing teeth.

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Anonymous said...

So, where did you get that high priced tooth fairy? The Woodlands?LOL! I know where to go when my teeth start falling out in my older age. I could make a fortune!
Glad that he is such a trooper. Thanks goodness it wasn't one of the little ones - the end result would have been quite different.
Love, s