Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My toothless baby

Poor little Sydney got pushed at Jumpin' Jaks on Memorial day. (Its an indoor play place.) She fell and broke her top right center tooth. I am devastated!! She however, only cried for a couple of minutes and is fine now. She has a big chunk of her tooth missing. We have an appointment with a pediatric dentist on Monday to see what needs to be done if anything. We have been trying to get approval from the insurance company to see the dentist and finally got it. They assure me that's its ok to be waiting a week since her tooth is not discolored. On the bright side, the kids really enjoyed themselves.

I gave up trying to get a picture of her looking at the camera smiling. Kids know when you want them to do something and just won't cooperate. She kept turning her head as I clicked the camera.


Elizabeth said...

Sydney's tooth does not look that bad. Hopefully everything goes well at the dentist and nothing will have to be done. Just be glad it was not her permanent tooth.

The kids look like they had a ball (no pun intended) in the pit.

Anonymous said...

Sydney is still cute! She is precious and, while I (unfortunately!) completely understand your trauma and worry, the chip doesn't really look that bad. Aside from which, she is a doll either way!
Jane (TQ2003)

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Sydney's tooth. I am very glad it is not too bad
where she would need oral surgery! Let's hope it doesn't bother her.
Robin TQ 2003

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that this happened to poor little Sydney, Kim! How is she doing? I would guess that there are books for older children about losing baby teeth. Could you get one of those and paraphrase it as you read it to her and would that help? Have you been to the dentist yet? What did s/he say?

Jane TQ 2003

Anonymous said...

Hugs go out to Sydney. Hope everything goes well at
the dentist.

Stephanie TQ 2003

Wendi TQ2003 said...

Poor Sydney!!!! Can the dentist cap it for her? I am glad to hear that it is not bothering her.


Colleen tq 2003 said...

Hi Kim,
Sorry to hear about Sydney. When my niece was two, she fell and hit
a table and knocked her two front teeth all the way out. She is five
and still does not have front teeth! There was nothing they could do
about it. They did check to make sure that the adult teeth under her
gum were ok.


Maryann tq2003 said...

Oh Kim,

I'm sorry to hear about Sydney. I'm glad to hear it didn't hurt
much. Did she fall onthe ground? Sounds like it must've either
been a hard hit or got the tooth just right.

Other than seeing the dentist, I have no other advice. When I was
little, my sister and I had to have false teeth. Not quite
dentures, but a set of false on my entire front teeth. I don't know
when they went in, I just remember them coming out and nobody had
told me they were false and that they were coming out. I just went
into the dentist and he just took out all my front teeth (that for
all I knew were mine) when it was time for my adult teeth to grow
in. I still have dreams that I'm looking in the mirror and all my
teeth just fall out. But I digress.

I suppose a false or a cap may be a possibility for Sydney as well.
Just make sure she knows it's not real and it will come out.


Adriana tq2003 said...

Hi Kim,

I'm so sorry to hear about Sydney. That is one of my biggest fears
every time the kids take a fall. I know this sounds weird, but I
always check for missing or chipped teeth first when they have hurt
their mouth or face. I think taking her to the dentist is a great
idea. Who knows what they can do for her, maybe at least smooth the
edges out a bit.

Looking forward to seeing a picture of her, eventhough I'm very
sorry that this happened to her.


Holly wmom said...

Sorry to hear about the cracked/chipped tooth. A friend of mine had a child
with a chopped baby tooth and the pedi dentist fixed it...cosmetically..so
maybe a cap or something like that. I think he was four years old.
I would call around and see who could do what to help you out. If the chip
isn't too bad, maybe it could be filed. I bet the dentist will want to take
a look at it. Actually, when one friends son hurt his tooth the pedi
dentist (Ragsdale) fit him in immediately. So, hopefully someone can help
you out.

Good luck!

Ousa space city triplets said...

I'm sorry to hear about Sydney. I hope she's feeling okay. Liam fell and hit his tooth when he was about the same age as your dd. It didn't break, but it was totally crooked! It turned gray too. Within 2 months the tooth had moved back, and the discoloration was gone. Sorry, I'm not sure how that helps you....I guess I wanted to say that something similar has happened here too. Hopefully Oh Wise Amy will get on, and give you some advice. Her dad is a dentist, so sometimes she can get the scoop for us. :)

No recommendations on the veneers, but I will say Amy's dad is my dentist, and he's SUPER nice! :)

Good luck!