Friday, August 04, 2006


Yesterday Sharon treated me to a pedicure for my birthday so we did that and Elizabeth got a manicure. It was so nice. This was my third pedicure ever and I really enjoyed it. Its nice to be pampered every once in a while.
Sharon and I did each other's hair last night. I added some red and blonde streaks to hers and she dyed my hair red and added some blonde streaks.

The only problem is that the blonde only bleached the new red to a kind of bozo the clown red. Its only hair though and its different than what it was so I am happy.


Anonymous said...

You have no idea how lucky you are that you didn't put the picture of me having my eyebrows waxed on your blog! I wish you were hee so we could do this every six weeks or so! I promise NOT to go to Appleby's and have the appetizer sampler with Liz while you can't. Or at least I promise not to call and rub it in that I did.

Love, Sharon

Elizabeth said...

Sharon, let me know when you want to go and get pampered and have snacks at Applebee's...AGAIN. It will be so nice doing it AGAIN.

Sorry you can't be here to do it AGAIN, Kim :)

By the way, it sounds like Sharon is just egging you should think about adding the waxing pic to your blog :)