Sunday, August 06, 2006

The zoo

We spent today at the Toronto zoo which is one of the largest zoos in North America. Its huge and we did TONS of walking. When we went to see the "Americas" the sign said "steep hill" kidding. We didn't realize that it went down for about a mile. The worst part was when we had to walk back up. Poor Bob had to push the stroller with the kids in it all the way up.

Sydney saw an ostrich and yelled "look mommy a giant chicken". That was hilarious!!!

It was really hot in the afternoon and Sharon fed the kids blue snow cones and I am still trying to get that out of their clothes. lol She compared me to Captain Von Trapp in "The Sound of Music" not letting the kids get dirty. She said if she had any curtains she would make them some play ass.

Click here to enjoy our adventure


Elizabeth said...

I swear it took me about 3 days to recover from the walk back up that hill!!!!! It would not have been so bad if there had actually been anything down there to look at :) It was a fun day though, was cool seeing all of those animals. I can't believe I am almost 40 and that was my first trip to the zoo.

Colleen Speer said...

very nice Kim!!


Elizabeth said...

Great slide show !!!! Who is the hot babe with the little one named Noah?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Giant chicken??? Loved it! Leave it to Syd to tell it like she sees it. Love, Sharyon