Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The heat!!!!

Ok, what's going on here? We figured it would be cool here in Canada compared to Texas. Its over 100 degrees and VERY humid. Dad has no air conditioning either. We are all miserable!!

Sydney sharing some of Spencer's popsicle to cool off. How sweet huh?

We finally broke down and stayed at Sharon's for a couple of days in her a/c. We camped out in her basement rec room. The kids just loved that. We put the triplets on her sectional couch and Spencer has his own little air mattress. Bob and I shared an air mattress on the floor in the nook of the couch too. It was so nice. We were actually fighting over blankets at night as it was cold. The only problem was that babies would fall on our heads occasionally. At least we broke their falls. lol

The girls thought it was play time as they would wiggle their little fingers in Bob's face and say "blah blah blah". They would also put lights sticks they got from Grandpa in his nose and laugh hysterically. Not sure where that came from, but he thought it was hilarious.

We spent two full days in the pool too. Amazing how you can get used to freezing water when its so hot outside. We played ball and wrestled in the pool, I can't remember having that much fun swimming. So nice to have people to play with! What made it extra special is that the babies wanted someone else besides me. Shawn was throwing Peyton in the air in the pool and she was loving it, she would yell "more" even before she was down all the way. Shawn's arms were broken after about 50 times and he tried to escape. She chased him in the pool yelling "I want more Shawn". It was a riot!!!! Spencer just loved playing with Kevin and his friend Alexander. They were throwing him in the air and he loved playing rough. (Where is my baby?)
Sydney attached herself to Alexander one day and when he would take a step away she would yell "Alex" to make him come back. Caden finally got used to the fact that there were no stairs and spent all his time jumping in the pool and having us catch him.


Anonymous said...

Lord it was hot that week, eh?
You left and things returned to normal. the temp has been PERFECT, high 70's/low 80's during the day and freezing at night for sleeping. Unfortunately the pool temp won't budge above about 75, even with the solar blanket on. I have been in three times since you left but can't stay more than 20 minutes or so.That day in the pool was a riot, lots of adults around to play with the kids. I was happy to see you and Bob get a chance to just play and swim for a change.
Love, Sharon

Elizabeth said...

I love all of the pics, I just wished that we had not come down with the plague when we returned home from our trip...lousy timing. The photo of all of you getting ready to sleep in Sharon's basement is a hoot. You look like some poor displaced family (no offence to anyone) who needed a place to stay.



Anonymous said...

I think you should relive the all in one bed game and let the kids have fun at home. They really liked it. And I know bob won't mind missing a little sleep.LOL
Love, Sharyon